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SANY SPS25000 Truck Mounted Crane | 10-Ton Truck Crane
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Max. lifting capacity 10 t
Overall length 10760 mm
Overall width 2500 mm
Overall height 3997 mm
Axles 3
Axle distance-1,2 5575 mm
Axle distance-2,3 1400 mm
Overall weight 23500 kg
Front axle load 7500 Kg
Rear axle load 16000 Kg
Model WeiChai
Rated power 250kw/2200rpm
Rated torque 1250N.m/1400-1600rpm
Emission standard Euro III
Max. traveling speed 99 km/h
Approach angle 18??
Departure angle 11??
Max. gradeability 30%
Main Performance
Rated lifting moment 25mt
Rated lifting capacity 10000kg(2.5m)
Max.outreach 17.7m
Max.lines of hook 6
Slewing angle(continuous) continuous
Boom raising angle 0~75??
Max.lifting height(the measurement from the ground after the outriggers fully extended) 20.1m
Length of the basic boom 5.3m
Length of fully extended boom 18.1m
Boom sections 5
Outrigger span (fully extended) 5.6m
Recommended volum for the system 70L/min
Operating pressure 27/34Mpa
Oil tank capacity 200 L
Crane moment (dynamic) 433.7kNm (44.2mt)
Torsional moment (dynamic) 26.3kNm (2.7mt)
HVAC in low cab Cooling / Heating

The parameters are for reference only, please contact your sales representative for details.


10 Ton Truck Mounted Telescopic Crane SPS25000 | SANY

The 10 Ton Truck Mounted Telescopic Crane SPS25000 | SANY is among the best crane mounted trucks for sale in the market. Presently, it has advantages over its competitors because of its lift-to-weight ratio. It is a truck-mounted crane ideal for both construction and repair projects because of its ability to lift up to 10,000kgs of weight. Some of the features that make it a recommended mounted crane truck are discussed below:

Safety features

Safety features can massively influence the truck mounted crane price. This Model from Sany has a boosted working range because of the presence of extension booms. The machine features an overload protection structure so that the operation of the crane is safe for the operator. No matter the mounting conditions of the ground, its outrigger span provides much-needed stability. This is the reason why it is among the small truck-mounted cranes that meet the European safety standards.


Like many other Crane mounted trucks for sale of its caliber, this model has an overall length of 10760mm. The overall width and height are 2500mm and 3997mm, respectively. These are measurements that can comfortably support the 5575 Axle distance of this mounted crane truck.

Engine and performance

Its powerful engine designed by WeiChai can produce a power of up to 250kw/2200rpm. The highly-rated power output is what makes its truck mounted crane price to be higher than others. The truck-mounted crane is further enhanced by the 1250N.m/1600rpm of power torque. On the other hand, the performance is arguably the best because of several features that include five boom sections, 17.7m outreach, and a fantastic operating pressure of 27/34Mpa. The boom raising angle is 75 degrees, and when it is fully extended, it goes up to 18.1M. When the Outriggers are fully stretched, This Truck mounted crane can lift up to a height of 20.1M.

Ultimately, the 10 Ton Truck Mounted Telescopic Crane SPS25000 | SANY is the supreme choice if you need the best truck-mounted crane for sale. Choose the 10 Ton Truck Mounted Telescopic Crane SPS25000 | SANY to enjoy the above incredible capabilities of the machine.

Why you should buy the SANY SPS25000 Truck Mounted Crane?

The SANY SPS25000 Truck Mounted Crane is one of the most reliable Truck Mounted Cranes available on the market for construction and repair projects. Because the Truck Mounted Crane has a good lift-to-weight ratio, this machine is very commonly used in lifting works. In addition, the Truck Mounted Crane has a powerful engine by WeiChei, which sets this truck-mounted crane to stand out from the other models! Lastly, because of its overload protection feature, the Truck Mounted Crane is very safe for the operator, making the SANY SPS25000 Truck Mounted Crane one of the best lifting machinery you can buy!

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