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Single cylinder Cone Crusher | OEM

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Technical parameters of SC series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher:

Model cavities Maximum Feeding Size???mm??? Minimum Discharging Size???mm??? install Power???kw??? capacity???t/h???
SC(S)100 C2 200 19 90 70-130
SC(S)160 C1 360 25 160 125-345
C2 300 22 160 108-305
SC(S)250 C2 400 29 250 225-515
SC(S)315 C1 560 41 315 349-1050
C2 500 38 315 318-892

Single-Cylinder Cone Crusher | OEM

The Single-Cylinder Cone Crusher crushing machine is also referred to as the spring cone crusher by many people. Even though the designs and models keep on being upgraded, the working principle remains to be the same. It is one of the very first rock crushing equipment to have been used in the mining industry. The main attractive feature of this industrial rock crusher is the high production capacity. These machines can give an output of 70-892tones per hour, depending on the particular model you are using. Other attractive features of these stone crushers are as indicated below.


As mentioned above, these industrial rock crushers have been in use for many years. This gives them an upper hand compared to the other models because they have had time to be developed and with improvement in technology, they have been made more compact without having to compromise on the effectiveness. They can, therefore, be used for most mining and rock crushing activities.

Ease of maintenance

Despite their compact design, these rock crushers are very easy to maintain. They are designed with materials that can resist abrasion from the elements being crushed. This is an essential and crucial feature when you are buying a rock crusher. With this feature, you can crush different materials without having to incur the high maintenance cost or having to replace the parts now and then.


This is the most preferred small crusher machine for rock grinding and crushing. Many people involved in the mining and construction industries prefer to use this machine. It is effective and works for many people, mainly because it gives a product with uniform particle sizes without emitting a lot of dust and pollutants to the environment.

Rock crushing equipment for sale can be purchased from vendors that deal with other industrial construction equipment. The rock crusher price varies depending on the mode in use and sometimes the manufacturer of the rock crusher. Care should be taken when using this equipment to ensure they have a longer usage life.

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