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  • Side view opening doors – generator inside Side view opening doors – generator inside
  • mobile workshop mobile workshop
  • Working table, tools, tool drawings Working table, tools, tool drawings
  • Inside view Inside view
  • Hand Tools Hand Tools
  • M6--16 drilling set; Hack Saw M6--16 drilling set; Hack Saw
  • M6--16 drilling set M6--16 drilling set
  • spanner sizes - 6-55 spanner sizes - 6-55
  • Manual spanner opener Manual spanner opener
  • Spanner Opener Sizes Spanner Opener Sizes
  • Automatic spanner opener Automatic spanner opener
  • Automatic spanner opener Automatic spanner opener
  • floor padding floor padding
  • Working light Working light
Customized Mobile Workshop | Sinotruk
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Customized Mobile Workshop | Sinotruk

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Mobile Workshop Truck Specification
Complete Vehicle
Gross Weight 16000
Loading Capacity 7870
Drive Type 4X4
Tyres 6+1; 11R22.5 tubeless
Max. Speed 90
Cabin 2490mm (Width), with one bed and air condition
rear Axle Loading 16000 kg
Overall Dimensions 7990 x 2520 x 3800 mm
Wheel Base 4600 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 400L
Engine WD615.62, 266hp, Euro II,
Braking system • Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake
• Parking brake(emergency brake):spring energy, compressed
• air operating on rear wheels
• Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust valve brake
Gearbox HW15710C
Equipment Power Set Model: 40GF74-4; Rated Power 40KW; Voltage 400/230V;
(Generator) Frequency 50 Hz; Rated Current 72.2A; 3-Phase 4-Line;
Diesel Engine R4100ZD; Generator TZH-40
Welding Set Model: ZX5-250B; Voltage 380V; Initial Current 29.6A;
Range 25 ~ 250 A; Input 19.2 KVA
Air Compressor Model: AW3608; Voltage 380V; Power 3KW; 130kg
Pressure 0.7MPa; Capacity 0.36M3/min
Drilling Machine Model: ZQJ4119AD; Bore Range 3 ~ 16mm; Power 700W
Vice Size: 150mm
Grinding Machine Model: MQ3225; Size 250mm; Power 700W
Gas Welding & Cutting Set Oxygen Cylinder 40L;
Acetylene Cylinder 20L
Working Bench Steel Panel, 1500*550*780mm
Lifting Device Roof Mounted, Retractable Cantilever, 2-Ton Chain Block
General tools
Hand Tools M6--16 drilling set;
Hack Saw;
bench vice 200mm
spanner sizes 6-55
jack 20Tonnes
warning triangles
wheel spanners
Manual spanner opener
Automatic spanner opener
welding cables: earthing=10m,electrode=30m
An exhaust provision for the generator
floor padding
towing bar
Working light

Customized Mobile Workshop | Sinotruk

This mobile workshop truck by Sinotruk is probably what you have in mind if you are looking for a customized mobile workshop truck that will carry your work tools and equipment with minimal hassle.
This mobile workshop truck for sale boasts a fully kitted and spacious open plan workshop area and a rugged military style wheelbase that is dependable regardless of where your job takes you and your team.

Engine make and Output

This mobile workshop van features the WD615.62 4-stroke diesel direct injection 6-cylinder engine by Sinotruk. As you???d expect from an engine from a reputable brand, this model is made complete by in line water cooling, turbo charging, and intercooling functionalities for optimal performance and a 400-liter fuel tank.

The WD615.62 engine boasts a mean piston speed of 11.5 m/s, a maximum torque of 1100NM at 1300-1600 RPM, and a maximum output of 266 HP at 200 RPM.

Axle Configuration

This mobile service van has a rigid stub front axle with double T-cross members and boasts a maximum load capacity of 6500kg. It also has a pressed axle housing tandem axle with single reduction with planetary wheel reduction and a maximum load capacity of 13000kgs. The chassis is a parallel ladder with U-profiles and riveted cross members.

Driving and Safety Comfort

This mobile workshop truck is moved by triangle 11.00-20/16 tires. While we are at it, the initial outlay of this mobile workshop vehicle also gets you 3 additional spare parts.

The cabin has a modern style and can be hydraulically tilted to the front up to 70 degrees. This mobile workshop truck cabin has 3 seats, laminate windscreen, casted in radio aerial, and 3-arm windscreen wiper system with 3 adjustable speed levels.

For maximum safety on the road, this mobile workshop truck for sale also features double service pneumatic service brake, spring-powered air cut-off parking brake, and engine exhaust assistant brake.

  1. Thanks for the advice and assistance. No complaints with the truck. review by Steve J. on 3/3/2024

    Thanks for the advice and assistance. No complaints with the truck.

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