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Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant (80 tph) 80-ton Asphalt Mixing Plant | XCMG

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Item Specifications Unit
Rated production rate 80 t/h
Mixing capacity 1250 kg /batch
Fuel consumption rate ??? 6.5 kg/t
Dust emission concentration (bag dust) ??? 20(Washing material) mg/Nm??
Blackness of exhaustion(Ringelman Level) ??? I Level
Static measurement accuracy Aggregate ??0.3 %
Powder ??0.3 %
Asphalt ??0.2 %
Dynamic measurement accuracy Aggregate ??2.5 %
Powder ??2.5 %
Asphalt ??2.0 %
Total installed power 274 kW
Maximum stand-alone power 55 kW
Occupied area 812 (29m??28m) m2

80tph Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant | XCMG

Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant is a mixture of just about 95% sandstone, sand, or vex bound together by the asphalt bolster, a produce of crude oil. Asphalt cement is a fiery aggregate, blended, and mixed with the cumulative at an HMA capacity. The resulting asphalt is loaded into the trucks for the transportation to the paving place. The trucks unload this Mix Asphalt into the hoppers placed in the front of the paving machines.

The 80tph Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant is an exclusive device for plants have already bought at a high price to create the hot mix. Also with the reformulation of some fuels, there is a smaller amount of the asphalt left from the cleansing process.

HMA Ultra thin

The national review found that the drivers have a preference of the well-maintained, secure, and even roadways. XCMG offer an easy, cost efficient way to retain the roads and streets, as it protects your outlay in them. A 80tph Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant for road construction is designed purposely for the slender lift (3/4 inch) placement, HMA Ultra-Thin was created for the sound pavements that are indicating the signs of aging, corrosion or minor surface crumbling.

Highlights of the Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant

✔ Every bunch feeder structure is equipped with the free aspect drive electric engines and one container fitted with a vibratory locomotive.

✔ Fully guarded Dryer prepared all along with a planned silenced heater that is provided with an infrared test, pre-heater, and feeding for the Dryer transportation.

✔ Hot lift frame & the measured component for the bitumen, collectives, filler and hot mix.

Depending on the asphalt machine, you are purchasing, verify the features and added support that the vendor is willing to offer. Asphalt come with the floating screed, feeder, and augers. On the other hand, the 80tph Standard Asphalt Mixing Plant has a number of parts like a churn rotor, drum winch, gearbox, rollers and more. Buying this type of equipment which is upgraded to present more functionality and effectiveness will assist saving the future costs. We are dedicated to providing a good quality customer service to all our clients. So don???t wait any longer, obtain the best prices for asphalt equipment.

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