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  • Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform
  • Truck-mounted aerial work platform with articulated arm and rotating turntable. Truck-mounted aerial work platform with articulated arm and rotating turntable.
  • Diagram illustrating the dimensions and specifications of the aerial work platform Diagram illustrating the dimensions and specifications of the aerial work platform
Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform
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Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform

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Working height, m 14.35 17.20 20.00 24.80 27.80
Platform height, m 12.35 15.20 18.00 22.80 25.80
outreach max, m 7.00 7.40 10.00 12.50 14.50
Turntable rotation ° 360 360 360 360 360
Lift capacity max, kg 200 220 220 220 220
Platform rotation ° 180 180 180 180 180
Platform size, mm 1500 x800x 1150 1500x800x1150 1500x800x1150 1780x730x1120 1700x700x 1100
Stowed height, mm (1) 2700 2400 2400 3000 2920
Stowed length, mm (6) 6350 5790 5790 8300 6900
Stowed width, mm (14) 2100 2100 2100 2550 2200
Control modes Electro-hydraulic proportional control
Outriggers type Hydraulic
Articulating boom types Steel single quads type Steel dual quads type
chassis specification 2T 3.5T 3.5T 6T 6T

Introducing the Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform

The Truck-Mounted Aerial Work Platform demonstrates the full range of the satellite navigation technology in maintaining optimal positioning and placement of the platform in aerial work. The platform redesign with modern items and state of the art technology revolutionizes the approach to the current industries where it is applied.

Key Features:

  • 360-Degree Rotating Turntable: Accompanied with a three hundred and sixty degree spherical rotating table, gives it the advantage for moving and pinpointing with such precision. It empowers operators with hotspot to conquer passage through obstacles and move cargo with simplicity, improving productivity and security at working site.

  • Articulated Arm with 14.5-Meter Outreach: The articulated arm not only outstands itself with its high instance of up to 14.5 meters; it also enables work at elevated areas, which is beyond reach of usual tools. Operators can feel sure when doing tasks without worrying about an object at a distance and thus they will finish their tasks faster and safer.

  • 180-Degree Rotating Platform: A 180-degree rotation platform is added to provide the possibility of changing the orientation and down position whenever required. Similarly, workers can easily access the predefined workspace allowing them to work without any sort of disturbances. This flexibility is a tremendous advantage as it enables operators to have a work environment that is not only conducive to productivity but also comfortable in that they do not have to multitask but rather focus on their main duties.

  • Customizable Options: This Aerial Work Platform has tailor-made solutions to ensure customer satisfaction, and it can cater to a wide range of customers' needs. These include the drive system to the platform dimensions, components, and specific functions and customers can configure the platform suiting their particular needs, therefore, the platform is optimally performing and indeed the versatility is ensured across multiple applications.

  • Versatile Deployment: The Unimog is suitable to a wide variety of tasks such as marine constructing, fire lighting, telecommunication service, street lighting, banners and lamp post installation, and still excels in different fields and applications. Thanks to its multidimensionality, it is an irreplaceable asset for many kinds of industries which prove second to none in terms of effectiveness and stability.

The truck - mounted aerial work platform can easily deliver the ultimate in accuracy, handling and usage. Offering exclusive functions and user-friendly settings, it governs the trend in time and cost saving while ensuring the quality of aerial work operations.

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