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Tunnel Header Machine
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Tunnel Header Machine

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Item HFTR4/230A
Overall weight 80000 kg
dinting undercut 225 mm
Ground clearance of machine 220 mm
Height of Range of positioning cutting 4800 mm
Width of Range of positioning cutting 6040 mm
Area of Range of positioning cutting 29 m²
Gantry height 400 mm
Compressure strength of coal petrography to be cut ≤100/85 Mpa
Climbing capacity ±18°
Travelling speed 7 m/min
Min. turning radius
Grounding pressure 0.15 Mpa
Gross power 417 kW
Power of Cutting motor 230/150 kW
Power of pumping stations motor 132 kW
Supply voltage AC1140V
Frequency of supply 50Hz
Rotation speed of cutting head 46/23 r/min
Loading capacity Star wheel type/4.3 m³/min
Crawler width 650 mm
Out Width of crawlers 2700 mm
Tensioning style Cylinder tensioning and snap-gauge locking
Water pressure of outside spraying ≥2.5 MPa
Water pressure of inside spraying ≥3 MPa
Max. non-removable parts size 3.68×1.39×1.48 m
Max. non-removable parts mass 8500 kg

Introducing the Tunnel Header Machine

The Tunnel Header Machine is a powerful and innovative solution designed for tunneling and excavation projects. With a total weight of 80000 kg, this machine is engineered to tackle challenging rock formations and underground environments.

Key Features:

  • New Cutting Mechanism: Equipped with a truncated cone-shaped small diameter cutting head, the Tunnel Header Machine boasts a strong rock-breaking ability, ensuring efficient excavation even in hard rock conditions.

  • Modular Design: With a narrow body modular design, the machine's body width measures 2.1 meters, allowing for easy maneuverability and operation in tight spaces within tunnels and underground passages.

  • Effective Dust Removal: Utilizing spray and airborne fan double dust removal systems, the machine effectively improves dust removal efficiency and reduces dust pollution, creating a safer and healthier working environment for operators.

  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: The Tunnel Header Machine adopts air-cooling and water-cooling mechanisms for heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance even during extended operation periods. With its self-sufficient heat dissipation system, the machine can be moved over long distances without the need for an external water source.

  • Advanced Electrical System: The electrical system of the machine features internationally renowned brand components with advanced functions and high stability, ensuring reliable performance and smooth operation in various tunneling conditions.

  • Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system incorporates constant power, pressure cut-off, and load-sensitive control technologies, effectively extending the life of hydraulic components and minimizing system failures. All main hydraulic components are sourced from internationally renowned brands, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding tunneling applications.

The Tunnel Header Machine represents cutting-edge technology and engineering excellence, providing efficient and reliable solutions for tunneling and excavation projects worldwide.


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