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10 Ton Underground Mining Truck
Quick Overview
10 Ton Underground Mining Truck

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Unloading Height


Min. Ground Clearance


Oscilation Angle


Turning Radius

4700 / 7400



Climing Ability






Main Configuration

Engine:Deutz BF4M1013EC / 115kw / 2300rpm

Torque Converter:DANA C270

Transmission:DANA RT32000

Axle:Rigid Planetary Drive Axle

Hydraulic Pump:Duplex Gear Pump

Multiway Valve:USA PARKER


The Underground Truck: Making Mines Safer and Smarter

What's the Underground Truck?

  • The Underground Truck is like a big, strong truck that works underground in mines.
  • It's designed to carry up to 10 tons of stuff, which is like carrying a lot of heavy things.

How Does It Move?

  • It's super good at turning because it has a middle part that can bend.
  • This helps it move around in small spaces underground, which is important because mines can be tight and tricky.

Easy to Control from Far Away

  • You can make it move even if you're not sitting in it. That's pretty cool, right?
  • This remote control thing helps keep people safe, especially in places that might be a bit dangerous.

Strong Engine Inside

  • It has a strong engine called DEUTZ BF4M1013EC that stays cool and works really fast.
  • This engine helps it go where it needs to go without any problems.

Changing Gears Easily

  • It's good at changing gears smoothly, which makes it easy for people to drive.
  • When a vehicle changes gears smoothly, it doesn't feel jerky or hard to handle.

Being Safe is Important

  • It has really good brakes that work well. Brakes help a vehicle stop when needed.
  • These brakes are important to keep everyone safe underground.
  • Also, it's made so it won't make a lot of noise or create bad air underground. That's important for people's health.

Helping the Environment

  • The truck has something special that cleans the air. It's like a filter that makes the air cleaner underground.
  • It also has a part called a silencer that makes it quieter. This helps people working there and makes it a nicer place to be.

Remote Control: A Safety Booster

  • Using remote control helps keep everyone safe. If something tricky happens, it can be controlled from a distance.
  • This feature is great for making sure everyone is safe in tough places underground.

The Underground Truck's Big Role

  • This truck isn't just any truck - it's super smart and helps make tough work in mines easier and safer.
  • It's like a big helper that keeps things running smoothly and safely when working in mines.

Why It Matters

  • Mines can be risky places to work, so having a truck that's safe and easy to control is really important.
  • Making sure the air is clean and there's not too much noise helps people stay healthy and feel better while working.

Conclusion: A Game-Changer Underground

  • The Underground Truck is a big deal for people working in mines. It helps them do their job better and keeps them safe.
  • With its smart features and safety measures, it's a game-changer for making underground work smoother and safer.

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