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  • Underground Personnel Carrier Underground Personnel Carrier
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Underground Personnel Carrier
Quick Overview
Underground Personnel Carrier

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Tank Volume

9m3 / 12m3 / 15m3


The frames are articulated with 40° steering angle.

Ergonomics Canopy.

Operation Comfort & Safty

4 wheels driving & braking.

Combination design of parking brake & working brake ensures good braking performance. Braking model is SAHR(spring applied, hydraulic release).

Front axle is equipped NO-SPIN differential. While rear is ANTI-SLIP.

Low vibration level in cab

Early Warning & Maintenance

Automatic alarm system for oil temperature, oil pressure and electrical system.


Exploring the Underground Personnel Carrier: Your Reliable Ride Below Ground

A Versatile and Essential Vehicle

The Underground Personnel Carrier stands as an indispensable service vehicle within mines and tunnel construction projects, serving as a lifeline for transporting workers safely through the intricate underground passages.

Tailored Seating Configurations

Tailoring to various operational needs, this carrier offers a range of seating options, from 6 to 30 seats, allowing customization to suit specific workforce requirements. The flexibility to adapt the number of seats ensures optimal utilization for diverse tasks and crew sizes.

Enhanced Maneuverability and Precision

Designed with articulated frames and optimized for versatility, the carrier boasts a large turning angle and a remarkably small turning radius. This exceptional maneuverability allows it to navigate through tight and challenging underground spaces with ease, ensuring efficient transportation of personnel.

Key Features

  • Customizable Seating: Tailoring to specific workforce needs.
  • Articulated Frames: Enhanced maneuverability in confined spaces.
  • Precise Transmission System: Imported Dana gearbox and torque converter for reliable performance.
  • Powerful Engine: German DEUTZ turbocharged engine for seamless movement.
  • Environmental Care: ECS platinum catalytic purifier and muffler for reduced pollution.

Precision Transmission for Seamless Operation

The carrier's transmission system, integrating an imported Dana gearbox and torque converter, is engineered for accuracy and stability. This ensures smooth and reliable operation, a crucial aspect in the demanding and complex underground environments.

Robust Power, Seamless Transportation

Powered by a robust German DEUTZ brand turbocharged engine, this carrier ensures a steady and efficient transportation process below ground. The engine's strength is perfectly suited to meet the demands of underground operations, ensuring a reliable and swift transit for workers.

Environmentally Conscious Technology

Equipped with a Canadian ECS platinum catalytic purifier and a muffler, this carrier minimizes both air and noise pollution within the confined spaces of the working tunnel. This advanced technology not only prioritizes the health and comfort of workers but also contributes to a more sustainable underground working environment.

Enhanced Safety, Efficiency, and Comfort

With a focus on safety, versatility, and environmental responsibility, the Underground Personnel Carrier stands as a reliable and indispensable asset. Its adaptability, maneuverability, and emphasis on worker well-being make it an essential component of underground operations.

In essence, the Underground Personnel Carrier isn't just a mode of transport; it's a beacon of safety, efficiency, and environmental care, ensuring seamless and secure transportation of workers in the intricate and challenging underground environments.

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