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XCMG GH215 Motor Grader | 17-Ton Road Grader
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Engine Model  6CTA8.3
Rated Power/Speed 160kW/2200rpm
Dimension (LxWxH) 8,970 X 2,625 X 3,470mm
Operating Weight (Standard) 16,500kg


Traveling Speed, Forward 5, 8, 11, 19, 23, 38 km/h
Traveling Speed, Reverse 5, 11, 23 km/h
Tractive Force (f = 0.75) 82KN
Max Gradeability 20%
Tire Inflation Pressure 260 kPa
Working Hydraulic Pressure 16 MPa
Transmission Pressure 1.3 - 1.8 MPa


Max Steering Angle Of Front Wheels ± 50°
Max Lean Angle Of Front Wheels ± 17°
Max Oscillation Angle Of Front Axle ± 15°
Max Oscillation Angle Of Balance Box 15
Frame Articulation Angle ± 27°
Min Turning Radius Using Articulation 7.3m


Maximum Lift Above Ground 450mm
Maximum Depth Of Cutting 500mm
Maximum Blade Position Angle 90°
Blade Cutting Angle 28° - 70°
Circle Reversing Rotation 360°
Moldboard Width X Height 4,270 x 610mm

17 Ton Road Grader GR215 XCMG For Sale

XCMG Road Grader GR215

The 17 Ton Road Grader GR215 is a heavy engine that has been made for the fulfillment of its high-end performance. This equipment represents the latest model of the road grader of the XCMG brand. This road grader is one of the most advanced models that actualized a more powerful and progressive mechanism in the sector of the road grader.

Road grader GR215 is an essential equipment for most of the construction activities. The purpose of this machine model is to level a huge ground surface, flattening surfaces, grade surfaces, slope sweeping, bulldozing, snow removing, and other more construction improvement work.

This road grader is one of the latest model in the industry today. This motor grader is used to grade and flatten ground for construction projects.

This is the rear view of the road construction equipment

XCMG 17 Ton Road Grader Built-in Features Specifications

Some of the specifications included in the model of this equipment are: Cummins (Tier 3) diesel engine, low noise and low emission, have a electronic-hydraulic control power shift gearbox, have a rear axle that is three staged equipped with no spin differential locking device that generates a secured and dependable driving experience, and lastly, it is equipped with: the roll-over protective structure and falling object protective structure cabin with electric wipers, mist eliminator, cold and warm air conditioning.

In addition to previously said features, there are added properties to this equipment that make it stand out from the other brands: the blade of this equipment can be operated as a floating protection to cushion the impact, its hydraulic system has a transmittal and change of direction priority by having the front axle with a single cylinder and the big curving angle attached in the front wheel steering wheel. With all these features it produces a guaranteed small turning perimeter and maximizes transportability.

Superior Performance

This road construction equipment promotes superior performance in regards to its power and speed.


The XCMG GR215 Road Grader promotes a superior power when it comes to its power. By having a maximum gradeability of 20%, tractive force of 82KN, tire inflation pressure of 260 kPa, working hydraulic pressure of 16 MPa, and transmission pressure of 1.3 to 1.8MPa.

This shows the power of this equipment and the competitive advantage when it comes to choosing the motor grader that will be the most efficient.


With the boasting speed of 160KW/200 rpm to the traveling capability of 38 km/h , this equipment impends a new era of the road grader. The speed of this equipment not only limited to its basic functions, it extended to the traveling speed forward of up to 38km/h and traveling speed reverse of up to 23 km/h. This model of a motor grader boosts the performance that can improve the construction industry.

Absolute Reliability

This heavy equipment guarantees reliability accounting on the features of the blade of this heavy machinery.


This road construction equipment also possesses absolute reliability by having features that focus on making the work easier and more efficient. With a blade that provides a comprehensive 4270 x 610 mm of moldboard width in addition to its height, depth cutting at a maximum of 500mm, maximum lift of above 450mm above the ground, and lastly, maximum blade position remains at an angle of 90°. By seeing these qualities, it is not hard to distinguish the superiority of these equipment.

Cutting-Edge Futuristic Design

This latest model and design of XCMG motor grader upgraded the overall design in comparison to other brands. This equipment surpassed the benchmark for the product design due to its advance features. 

This heavy equipment upholds their reputation by having a cutting edge design. The 17 Ton Road Grader GR215 is designed with the following special features:

Steering load-sensing system

By having this feature in the machinery equipment, the main hydraulic endorses international products to assure the system’s stability and reliability.

Equipped with high quality engine

The engine of this equipment is made by Dongfeng Cummins that presents high quality and meritor drive axles that make a dynamic combination of the transmission system that assure the dependability of this construction equipment.

Wear resistant

The blade body of this equipment promotes flexibility in a large slide slot and double slideway mechanism. The blade plates are also made of wear resistant and high durability materials.

Double-circuit hydraulic brake system

By having the machinery equipped with the double-circuit hydraulic brake system, it upgraded the brake system to be more stable, reliable, and safe.

In consideration of these design specifications of the XCMG GR215 Motor Grader, it  boasts one of the most advanced designs in the road grader segment.

Where Is The XCMG GR215 Manufactured? 

The 17 Ton Road Grader GR215 XCMG is manufactured in China by Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co. (XCMG), a machinery manufacturing company. XCMG has been named one of “The World's 500 Most Influential Brands'' for the second time by The World Brand Lab and is the only Chinese construction machinery manufacturer to make it onto the 2020 list.

What Are The Uses Of XCMG Road Grader GR215?

This machine can be used in the railways, mine, farmland, highways, and other construction sites. The motor grader can be replaced by other attachments based on the specifics of the construction projects, it can be used for both commercial and private construction projetcs. This heavy equipment is regarded to be one of the most versatile heavy construction machinery, for the reason that, depending on what you are using this machine for, XCMG will be able to customize it to fit your specific needs and request.

What Is The Price of XCMG Road Grader GR215?

The typical price of a motor grader is ranging from $50,000 to $500,000 depending on the type of specification and customization you will need. Here at Camamach, the 17 Ton XCMG Road Grader GR215 starting price is $79,200.

What Makes XCMG GR215 Motor Grader Special?

The XCMG GR215 Motor grader is one of the most reliable motor graders that are created by a China based manufacturer - by considering getting high quality equipment at a more economical price. Due to the efficiency of this machine, it can cultivate a new way to improve the construction site’s procedures. Furthermore, this equipment is easy to maintain and as a result of the YTO’s intensive research, they prioritize the safety of the operator by having a dual-circuit hydraulic brake system that is connected to the two rear wheels of the grader. All things considered, XCMG GR215 Motor Grader is one of the best road construction equipment that you can buy!

What Are The Main Types Of Road Construction equipment?

There are various types of equipment that can be used in a construction project.

We offer different types of road construction equipment under the XCMG brand. These equipments includes:

  • Soil Stabilizer
  • Asphalt Concrete Paver
  • Road Roller
  • Bitumen Sprayer
  • Road Markers
  • Chip Sealer
  • Asphalt Mixing Plant
  • Chipping Spreader

Find Out How Camamach Helped This Construction Company Buy Their Motor Graders

Camamach was able to help a Brazilian based road construction company who needed equipment that will level the ground and dispense materials uniformly during the road paving process. By the help of Camamach, they were able to come up with the right equipment for their needs.

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