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XCMG Truck Mounted Crane | 5-Ton Boom Truck
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Model SQ5SK2Q Unit
Max Lifting Capacity 5000 kg
Max Lifting Moment 12.5 T.M
Recommend Powe 18 kw
Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System 32 L/min
Max Pressure of Hydraulic System 18 MPa
Oil Tank Capacit 100 L
Rotation Angle All Rotation  
Crane Weight 2074/2170 kg
Installation Space 1000 mm
Choice of Chassis CA1140PK2L3EA80; DFL1140B; EQ1126KJ1; HFC1132KR1K3; LZ1120LAPT; EQ1141NBJ2; EQ5201GFJ6; EQ5201GFJ6; NXG1160D3ZAL1X  
SQ2SK1Q Lifting capability diagram
Working radius(m) 2.5 3.62 6.05 8.5
Lifting capacity(kg) 5000 2800 1500 1100
SQ2SK2Q Lifting capability diagram
Working radius(m) 2.5 3.62 6.05 8.5 11
Lifting capacity(kg) 5000 2800 1500 1100 400

5 Ton capacity crane truck with telescopic boom | XCMG

The 5 Ton Truck Mounted Crane is among the smallest cranes in use today. Due to its small size, it is mostly used as a truck-mounted crane in small commercial activities that require heavy lifting. These small truck-mounted cranes are generally cheap due to the limitations they face in terms of their capabilities to work and the fact that they cannot operate without being mounted onto trucks. Besides, these limitations, they have several attractive features that make them suitable for use by clients on small-scale projects. Some of these factors are listed below.

Simplicity in design

These small truck-mounted cranes have a very compact design to ensure that all parts required for them to work smoothly and efficiently fit in the model. Due to their compact nature, they can save a lot of working space without compromising on the quality of work they can give. The simple and compact design also helps to reduce the effect of wear and tear on the moving parts, hence reducing the cost of maintenance for this mounted crane truck.


These truck-mounted cranes are very small compared to other models of cranes available on the market. Due to their small size, they are easy to move around without much effort and energy, making them particularly suitable for activities that require a lot of moving. For instance, they can be hired out to people that are carrying out small-scale projects for a short period, and they cannot afford to buy their own cranes.


The truck-mounted crane price for the 5 Ton Truck Mounted Crane is very low and affordable. In addition, the spare parts for this track-mounted crane for sale are easily available in all mechanic parts distributors worldwide. Besides that, the cost of running the machines is generally low, since they require 18kW of energy, which is easy to achieve.

Even though they have to be mounted on trucks for effective performance, there are specific models of trucks that are used to mount these cranes. These mounted crane trucks can be bought together with the cranes to ensure they are the most suitable for the job.

Why you should buy XCMG Truck Mounted Crane?

The XCMG Truck Mounted Crane is one of the most reliable Truck mounted Crane available on the market for large-scale commercial projects. Because the Truck-mounted Crane is highly efficient, this machine is very commonly used in transport, construction, mining, etc. In addition, the Truck-mounted Crane is easy to maintain, which sets this Truck-mounted Crane to stand out from the other models! Lastly, because of XCMG’s intensive research, the Truck-mounted Crane is very safe for the operator, making the XCMG Truck Mounted Crane one of the best Lifting machinery you can buy!

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