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1-ton Tracked Carrier Dumping Style | OEM

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Model 1-ton Tracked carrier/ dump style
Overall size 1700*960*1100mm
Chassis size 1200*960*450mm
Container size 1300*960*360mm
Power 8.25Kw/2200r/min
Height from ground 250mm
Running speed 6km/h
Machine weight 600kg
Maximum payload 1000kg
Wading depth 300mm
Swampland depth 200mm
Climbing angle 30??
Crawler belt width 280mm
Length of track on the ground 1100mm

1 Ton Tracked Carrier Dumping Style | OEM

Think of this 1 Ton crawler carrier as a versatile and dependable machine that perfectly fits the bill for those demanding tasks in remote and rugged terrains that other mechanized units just can???t cut it.

This crawler carrier for sale is an easy to operate unit. It has been engineered and packed with features that make it a go-to option for use in pretty much any of the highly competitive industries including mining, drilling, utility, and general construction.

A top-seller among landscaping professionals and organizations, this crawler carrier combines strength and versatility in a compact design so you can work in tight working spaces without wasting your precious time or disturbing the environment.

Container and Payload

This crawler carrier carries a container measuring 1300mm by 960mm by 360mm. This tardis-like container has been keenly welded and inspected to ensure that there are no weak points. It is capable of accommodating a maximum payload of 1000kgs/1 ton which is quite incredible considering its size.

Traverse a wide range of terrain conditions

This tracked carrier for sale is engineered purposely for the rough and seemingly intimidating outdoors and it doesn???t shy away regardless of the terrain. Fitted with an 8.25Kw engine capable of making 2200 r/min, this rubber track carrier has 280mm wide crawler belt that traverses environmentally sensitive terrain like forest floors while impacting minimal damage due to the less pressure exerted per inch.

This rubber track offers a wading depth of 300mm and a swampland depth of 200mm. These 2 functionalities combined with the 30-degree climbing angle that this tracked carrier for sale offers mean that you can depend on it for those times when you have to cross through not only forests, but shallow lakes, brooks, and rivers too.

Ease of operation

This 1 Ton tracked crawler carrier is a walk-behind model and crawls at 6 km/h. The controls are easy to understand and use and the diesel tank has a large holding capacity so you won???t spend most of your time refilling it.

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