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1-ton Tracked Carrier Lifting Style | OEM

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Model 1-ton Tracked carrier/ lift style
Overall size 1700*960*1100mm
Chassis size 1200*960*450mm
Container size 1300*960*360mm
Power 8.25Kw/2200r/min
Height from ground 250mm
Running speed 6km/h
Machine weight 600kg
Maximum payload 1000kg
Wading depth 300mm
Swampland depth 200mm
Climbing angle 30??
Crawler belt width 280mm
Length of track on the ground 1100mm
Lifting Height 1350mm

1 Ton Tracked Carrier Lifting Style | OEM

This 1 Ton Tracked Crawler Carrier Lifting Style is a super versatile and powerful rubber track carrier matched for the most challenging off road and tight spaces transportation and lifting needs.

Innovative Lifting Style

Perhaps the most eye-catching aspect that most mining, forestry, and environmental personnel find with this crawler carrier for sale is its innovative lifting variation.

This rubber track crawler carrier is fitted with a scissor lifting mechanism powered by a hydraulic piston and capable of lifting the loaded container to a height of up to 1350mm. Using the lift mechanism is a breeze and the operator only needs to pull a lever to engage the shaft and gear into the drive system.

Container Size and Construction Integrity

This tracked carrier for sale has a container measuring 1300mm by 960mm by 360mm. This container features industrial-quality construction materials and welding and has also been keenly inspected so it won???t develop weak points when least expected.

Engine power and Payload

This rubber track carrier is endowed with a 8.25kw diesel-powered engine capable of generating 2200 rotations per minute. Since this is a walk behind style crawler carrier, its 6km/h max speed will be a sweet spot in different worksites and terrains.

The chassis measures 1200mm by 960mm by 450mm and it???s sturdy enough to accommodate maximum weights of up to 1000kgs. This high payload coupled with the compact design and lifting style makes this crawler carrier a go-to unit in most scenarios including hauling, utility, mining, environmental, and personnel transport.

Terrain Capability

This crawler carrier for sale is fitted with heavy duty rubber tracks with a width of 280mm. Credit to this carrier???s 30-degrees climbing angle, wading depth of up to 300mm, and swampland depth of 200mm, these rubber tracks can take your equipment and raw materials pretty much anywhere be it across rocky and sandy terrains or across shallow lakes, rivers, and swamps.

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