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10-ton 60-200m Tower Crane | Zoomlion

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 Rated lifting moment(kN.m) 1600
 Max.lifting height(m) Free-standing stationary crane 60
Anchored crane 200
Working radius(m) Max.working radius 70
Min.working radius 2.5
Max.lifting capacity(t) 10
Hoisting mechanism  Ropefall ?????2 ?????4
Speed(m/min) 100 50 50 25
Lifting weight(t) 2.5 5 5 10
Power(kW) 55/55
Slewing mechanism Speed(m/min) 0???0.6
Power(N.m) 2??145
Trolleying mechanism Speed(m/min) 0~55
Power(kW) 5.5

10 Ton Tower Crane | ZOOMLION

The 10 Ton Tower Crane has been in use for many years now, especially in commercial scale. The use of tower cranes can be varied from road construction to even loading and offloading of heavy crates at the port. The 10 Ton Tower Crane is one of the best tower crane machines available today, and it has many attractive features that make it competitive in the market. For instance, it has a lifting height of 60m when it is free-standing and 600m when it is supported. This makes it very suitable for most operations that require the use of cranes. Other attractive features of this building tower crane are listed below.

Better performance

This tower crane is designed in a way that ensures increased performance. The body and structural features of the 10 Ton Tower Crane provide convenience when using the crane and also make work significantly more manageable. The parts of this tower crane for sale are also made using durable materials that can withstand hefty objects of up to 10tons at a go without getting damaged.


While the performance of a building construction crane is important, it is also important to ensure that it is safe for the operator. The cab of the 10 Ton Tower Crane is designed with hardy material that cannot easily get damaged. This ensures that the operator is safe at all times when using the machine.


This tower crane for sale is relatively easy to find in the market today at an affordable price. The affordability of the 10 Ton Tower Crane is not only in the purchase price; but it is also easy and cheap to maintain. This is because it is designed in a way that the parts can be easily replaced in case of damage and inspection of the interior parts of the machine is also easier.

  1. nice delivery and good product review by Patrick Ross on 6/29/2021

    Zoomlion's tower crane has completely surpassed our expectations.

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