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10-ton Tower Crane | OEM

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Rated hoisting moment Kn.m 1250
Max.load t 5 10
Working radius m 3???60
Load at the max.radius t 1.803 1.769
Radius at the max.load m 27.155 14.867
Hoisting height Anchoring m 45
Climbing 180 90
Hoisting speed m/min 104/52.05 50.05/25.02
Slewing speed r/min 0.61
Trolleying speed m/min 58.6/29.3/8.79
Top-rising speed 0.4
Min.steady falling speed ???5
Dimensions chassis m 7.76x7.76
Height(anchoring) 55.502
jib-tip to the slewing centre 61.383
balance-jib to the slewing centre 14.82
Self-weight Structure weight(anchoring) t 53.506
Balance weight
Max.radius 60m
Max.radius 50m
Total motor power kW 60.85
Permitted working temperature ? -20???+40
Basic wind pressure of working condition Pa 250
Basic wind pressure of non- working condition Pa 1100
Power-supply parameter 50Hz ???380V??10%

10 Ton Tower Crane | OEM

When you are looking for the best building construction crane, you need to look no further than the 10 Ton Tower Crane. This is because this tower crane is one of the best today. It is designed with all the features you would want in a tower crane machine, from flexibility to convenience, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and also durability. The most crucial factor of this crane is the effectiveness in terms of cost. The tower crane cost of buying is not high, and so is the cost of maintenance. All the parts you need in case of wear and tear are also readily available in all outlets that deal with machine parts. Other essential factors that make the 10 Ton Tower Crane an excellent choice for a crane are listed below.

Efficiency in work

There are two major models of the 10 Ton Tower Crane, and they all have different capabilities. For instance, there is one that can carry a load weighing 5tons, and the other can carry a load weighing 10tons. However, with this difference, it enables you to choose one that is most suitable for your needs, mainly depending on the cost of purchase.


As mentioned above, this is the best tower crane when it comes to the relatively smaller building tower cranes mostly used for small-scale building and construction operations. This crane can compete with other models well because it has a suitable design that requires the operator to make fewer calculations when working. The mechanical energy needed to, therefore, carry loads is significantly reduced, hence reducing the cost of operation.

Simple design

The general body of this tower crane machine is made using steel that is very durable and has a long usage life. The design of this luffing crane is also simple therefore you do not need a professional to dismantle the body in order to make inspections and routine maintenance practices.

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