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11-ton Asphalt Distributor - XZJ5110 | XCMG

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Item Specifications Unit
Spraying width 200-6000 mm
Asphalt spraying dosage 0.2???3.0 kg/m2
Asphalt tank capacity 5000 L
Max.total weight 11 t
Spraying precision ??1.5% ???
Chassis Model EQ1110TJ12D5 ???
Engine power  100 kw
Site transfer speed ???80 km/h
Spraying medium Emulsified asphalt, hot (modified) asphalt, Kerosene cutback asphalt ???
Heating Diesel burner ???
Fuel tank 100 L
Electrical system 24 V
Dimension 7445??2285??2550 ???

11-ton XZJ5110GL Asphalt Distributor- XZJ5110 | XCMG

The 11-ton XZJ5110GL Asphalt Distributor from XCMG has a tank capacity of 5000L suited for road construction projects. Originated in Jiangsu, China, the XZJ5110GL is ideal for the construction of permeable layer, cohesive layer, underlayer and fog seal in each grade of an asphalt highway. The unique functionalities of this intelligent asphalt distributor support its higher precision, the convenience of operations and reliable performance.

Heavy-Duty Chassis

The SINOTRUCK HOWO 8X4 heavy-duty chassis gives the XZJ5110GL its signature sturdiness. A double-berth high-roof cab along with cold and ware air conditioner make driving comfortable. Also, you have the 13-gear transmission and ABS for safe driving.

A robust tank in the XZJ5110GL Asphalt Distributor

The stainless-steel package tank is the unique highlight of XZJ5110GL and also defines its capacity. The aesthetic appeal of the tank is a formidable highlight that can make this asphalt distributor an instant attraction. Equipped with features for anti-corrosion and durability, this intelligent asphalt distributor also offers better thermal insulation property. Most important of all, you can find an in-built washboard in the tank for preventing inertial impaction when the distributor is in motion.

Intelligent asphalt spraying system

  • The American DICKEY-JOHN Radar helps in automatically detecting the travel speed of the distributor.
  • The Radar can help in automatically spraying after setting dosage per square meter.
  • The vehicle speed does not have any impact on the spraying dosage with the help of the Radar.
  • The three-section folding spraying bar in this asphalt distributor provides higher flexibility for lifting up and down as well as swinging right and left.
  • Facility for independent control over each spray nozzle.
  • Facility for random regulation of spraying width.
  • The XZJ5110GL asphalt distributor also has a handheld spray gun.

Responsive diesel burner

The imported diesel burner from the Italian company RIELLO helps in heating up automatically and preserving the heat. The RIELLO diesel burner in the 11-ton XZJ5110GL Asphalt Distributor- XZJ5110 | XCMG could use heat transfer oil heating system for heating the asphalt pump, tank, and the nozzles. The diesel burner can also be connected to an external power supply to ensure main machine-free automatic, circulating heating. As a result, you can achieve an extension in the service life of the main machine.

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