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120-ton 103-250m Tower Crane | Zoomlion

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 Rated lifting moment(kN.m) 25000
 Max.lifting height(m) Free-standing stationary crane 103
Anchored crane 250
Working radius(m) Max.working radius 80
Min.working radius 7.5
Max.lifting capacity(t) 120
Hoisting mechanism  Ropefall ?????2 ?????4 ?????8
Speed(m/min) 20 40 68 100 10 20 34 50 5 10 17 25
Lifting weight(t) 30 15 7.5 2 60 30 15 4 120 60 30 8
Power(kW) 132
Slewing mechanism Speed(m/min) 0~0.55
Power(kW) 4??18.5(80mJib);3??18.5(others)
Trolleying mechanism Speed(m/min) 0???40
Power(kW) 18.5

120 Ton Tower Crane | ZOOMLION

When you want to start a moving industry, a vehicle and parts assembly, or construction industry, the 120 Ton Tower Crane is the best tower crane machine you can get. The most attractive feature that makes this luffing crane suitable for all these needs is the construction specifications and capabilities of the machine. The working radius, for instance, ranges from 7.5M-80M depending on the model and size of the machine you are using. The working radius can also be adjusted so that you can use the same machine when you need different operating radii. Other features that make this building construction crane suitable for large scale construction operations are listed below.

Well-designed cab

The cab of the 120 Ton Tower Crane is designed with hardy steel materials that ensure the safety of the operator at all times. With this sturdy material, the operator cannot get very severely injured if accidents happen in the course of the use of this tower crane. The cab, also has a clear view of the working space of the crane, so that the operator has a clear view of the materials being carried at all times.


During work, it is important to ensure that the machines in use can give signals when there is a risk of accidents. This building tower crane is designed with alarm systems and signals that indicate when the machine is experiencing difficulties in work. For instance, when the load is too heavy, the 120 Ton Tower Crane will give a signal to reduce the load for maximum efficiency and safety.


Besides the durable material used to design this tower crane machine, it is also designed to reduce the risk of overturning. This means that the machine is very stable and cannot topple over, even when carrying heavy loads.

This building construction crane is also very affordable in terms of purchase and maintenance. The tower crane cost is relatively affordable with its design ensuring ease of maintenance in areas such as lubrication and easy inspection of the parts of the machine.

  1. best tower crane we've used yet review by Lydia Mitchell on 7/1/2021

    Zoomlion makes great cranes! Its been very helpful and better than the one we used before.

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