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13-ton Standard Bulldozer - SD13 | Shantui

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Item Specification Unit
Overall machine dimension L??W??H 4492??3185??2950 mm
Operating weight(t) (excluding ripper) 13.7  
Engine model SC8D143G2B1  
Net power/rated speed 95.5/1900 kW/rpm
Ground pressure 0.063 Mpa
Blade type Straight tilting blade  
Blade capacity 3.158 for straight tilting blade 2.33 for angle blade m??

13 Ton Bulldozer SD13 | Shantui

The 13 Ton Bulldozer SD13 dozer machine is superior to most because of its top-quality design. It is made with very durable and heavy-duty materials that do not get damaged easily, even with intensive activity. This dozer for sale is therefore preferred when labor-intensive groundbreaking activities are underway. Also, it is designed in a way that allows for precise and robust balance so that it is safe for the operator, and it is more efficient in work. While these are the most attractive features that make this bulldozer machine popular, other features making it suitable for operations are listed below.


Bulldozer equipment should not only be effective and hardy, but they should also be safe for the operator. The 13 Ton Bulldozer SD13 is designed with an air cooling technology that is used in the engine. This feature helps to improve the reliability of the engine in performing tasks and therefore enhance the safety of the operator. The engine is also easily accessible for ease of maintenance and emission of the exhaust fumes produced.

High efficiency

The efficiency of this bulldozer with the steering wheel is boosted by the fact that it has a straight tilting blade. This enables this cheap dozer for sale to cover more ground in a shorter time compared to other models of bulldozers. The 13 Ton Bulldozer SD13 is also designed with a three-element feature with a single-phase torque that goes a long way to increase the efficiency of this large bulldozer and also increase its capacity to work.

Well-designed cab

The safety of the bulldozer equipment is not only dependent on the ease of maintenance and control of the machine. The cab of this equipment is a unique hexagonal shape offers the operator with excellent visibility and sufficient ventilation. Also, it helps the cab to stay dust-free even when a lot of dust is emitted from the groundbreaking operations.

Cheap bulldozers for sale can be purchased here to save money and be guaranteed of the performance.

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