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14 Ton Telescopic Handler - XC6-4517K |XCMG

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Gross weightkg13500
Engine powerkW82/74.9
Rated loadkg4500
Effective load at maximum
forward reach
Maximum lifting heightmm16700
Maximum forward reachmm12600
Center distance of loadmm600
Luffing angle??-4~73
Fork angle??90~18
Maximum traction forcekN???70
Maximum traveling speedkm/h36
Turning radiusmm???5000
Braking distancem???10
Overall lengthmm6960
Overall widthmm2500
Overall heightmm2850
Wheel treadmm2060
Fork lengthmm1200
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14 Ton Telescopic Handler XC6-4517K | XCMG

The 14 Ton Telescopic Handler XC6-4517K is a XCMG series telescopic handler using XCMG???s latest technology to build an agricultural version telehandler which is simple, safe, and efficient. The XC6-4517K uses an imported reliable, stable, and powerful Cummins engine. Use of a fully hydraulic wet brake system and four-section telescopic boom structure allow for accurate forklifting and automatic leveling.

Telescopic Handler Key Characteristics

XCMG???s new XC6-4517K adopts more new technologies to help with operator usability including the following:

  • XCMG???s inhouse panoramic cab design
  • Compact short wheelbase and lateral engine alignment for better turning and handling
  • Static-pressure stepless variable drive system for stable driving and efficient power use
  • Four-wheel, two-wheel, and crab steering modes
  • Inching control technology and overload control system
  • Advanced human-machine interactivity and heat dissipation system
  • Able to use diversified attachments including bale clamp, bucket, and serial platform

XC6-4517K Telescopic Handler Performance and Efficiency

The new telescopic handler sold by XCMG operates on an advanced high-efficiency electronic control drive system that automatically adapts to high-speed driving conditions and low-speed working conditions. This effectively decreases energy waste and makes the telescopic handler more efficient. Special engine and power-matching technology allows the engine to run with high-efficiency and environmentally friendly but automatically managing the energy use.

Telescopic Handler Reliability, Comfort, and Operations

XCMG???s XC6-4517K telescopic handler goes through intense durability tests to ensure critical parts, such as the telescoping boom, can meet the needs of severe working conditions including factory building, municipal construction, and farm use. In terms of comfort, the operator is provided with excellent panoramic visibility, sound insulation, and comfortable seating. Controls and instrument switches are also ergonomically situated along with storage cells, cup holders, and an audio player to maintain the XCMG humanized design philosophy.

Maintenance Convenience of the Telescopic Handler

XCMG improves upon previous safety standards to include the following features in their XC6-4517K telescopic handler:

  • Automatic reversing and dedusting fan to automatically clean the radiator
  • Side-turning large-opening hood for ???one-stop??? maintenance providing access to the engine oil filter, diesel filter, and air filter
  • Integrated fuse case
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