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150hp Tractor LT1504 | OEM

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Tractor Model LT1504
Drive Type 4x4
Overall Dimension L??W??H(mm) 5050??2370??3000
Wheel base(mm) 2688.5
Front wheel tread(mm) 1800-2153(1910)
Rear wheel tread(mm) 1662-2262(1662)
Min. ground clearance(mm) 470
Min.steering radius(m) 7.0
Min. operating weight (KG) 4810
Gearbox gears number 12F+4R
Speed Forward(Kw/h) 2.19-29.63
Reverse(Kw/h) 4.72-13.83
Engine Model LR6M3ZU22/1130E
Rated power (Kw) 110.3
Rated speed (r/min) 2200
Tires spec. Front tires 14.9-26
Rear tires 18.4-38
Steering Type Full hydraulic? front wheels steering
Max. lifting force( KN ) ???28
PTO Type Rear-mounted, Semi-independent type
Speed (r/min) 540/720
Power(Kw) 89.1
Control type of ploughing depth Height control & flotation control
Max. traction force (KN) 32
Front / rear Ballast (KG) 600/400

150hp Tractor | OEM

The Camamach Company features wide-ranging tractors for sale. The 150hp tractor LT1504 series avails a powerful 110.3kw engine, which is great for agricultural use. With a rated speed of 2200 rotations per minute, this machine will effectively handle all your tilling and plowing with great speed.

Key Highlights

  • LT1504 model
  • 4x4 drive type
  • Wheelbase 2688.5mm
  • Front-wheel tread 1800-2153 (1910) mm
  • Rear Wheel tread 1662-2262 (1662) mm
  • Gear numbers 12F + 4R
  • 110.3 kW engine
  • Power Take-Off

The LT1504 series tractor has a great provision for power take-off. It is a semi-independent, rear-mounted PTO system. The power take-off and drive shift carry a speed of 540/720 rounds per minute. With fewer RPMs for the job, this modern farm tractor gets less work and can work for longer. For that reason, that reason, the LT1504 model carries extra-long engine life and conserves fuel.

Full Hydraulic Front Wheels Steering

For total control of direction on this powerful tractor, it comes with complete hydraulic front wheels steering. This goes a long way towards providing directional stability when working on the fields. With this steering system, the LT1504 150hp is among the most excellent big farm tractors out there because it causes less wear and tear of the tires.

Plough Adjustment

The 150hp tractor allows you to control the plowing depth of each tilling exercise. With flotation and height control, achieving different plowing depths becomes effortless with this large tractor.

Transmission System

Moving a tractor in the field employs many complex systems. For the system to serve its intended purpose, the LT1504 has 12 forward gears and four reverse gears. The forward speed can vary from 2.19 to 29.63 kW/h, while reverse gears typically range between 4.72 to 13.83 kW/h.

If you need a good utility tractor with significant horsepower, for general-purpose farm work, the Camamach???s 150hp LT1504 tractor is an excellent choice among tractor farm equipment. The machine avails greater ground resistance than most tractors. In addition, the driver will have an easy time to steer and take nice short turns. To inquire more about this machine, please CLICK HERE.

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