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16-ton Standard Bulldozer - SD16 | Shantui

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Item Specification Unit
Overall machine dimension L??W??H (excluding ripper) 5140??3388??3032 mm
Operating weight(t) (excluding ripper) 17  
Engine model WD10G178E25  
Net power/rated speed 120/1850 kW/rpm
Ground pressure 0.067 Mpa
Blade type Angle blade Straight tilting blade U blade  
Blade capacity 4.5 for straight tilting blade 4.5 for angle blade 5 for U blade m??

16 Ton Bulldozer SD16 | Shantui

The 16 Ton Bulldozer SD16 is one of the large bulldozers available in the market today that uses either hydraulic or mechanical transmission in its operations. Due to its continued use in construction activities, it has been upgraded severally to match the current technological advancements. The most attractive feature that makes this the best dozer machine is diversity. There are very many brands of this particular dozer that are available in the market and can help in performing many varied functions. This way, you can get more work done with minimum effort and effectively. Other attractive features are as listed below.


This dozer machine is designed with an angle blade straight tilting U blade that has a powerful cutting force that can be equated to that of the shank ripper. This makes it only one of a new bulldozers in the market that can easily rip through frozen earth and compact and wet clay with high efficiency. The blade is also made of durable material which increases the efficiency of work.

It is economical

This bulldozer machine is engine-powered, and it requires relatively little fuel and power compared to other bulldozer equipment for sale in the market today. Even with this feature, it does not compromise on the power output of the 16 Ton Bulldozer SD16 and the relatively larger fuel tank ensures that less time is wasted to refill with fuel.

Ease of maintenance

The 16 Ton Bulldozer SD16 is designed with tracks and rollers that are made using very hardy material. This makes it easy for maintenance because they hardly break down or succumb to wear and tear effects. They also ensure that the bulldozer is stable to enhance the performance of the machine during work.

A cheap bulldozer for sale is easy to come by in all the industrial equipment outlets, but most of the cheap dozers for sale are second-hand to the 16 Ton Bulldozer SD16 since it is one of the best in the market.

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