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16-ton Tower Crane | OEM

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Max.hoist load 2 rate t 8
4 rate 16
Min.working radius m 3.2
Max.working radius m 70 65 60 55
Rated hoist mpment 2 rate kN.m 2350 2400 2450 2500
4 rate 2100 2150 2200 2250
Hoist height Free standing t 48
Anchoring 183
Hoist speed 2 rate m/min 0~63 0~31.5
4 rate 0~31.5 0~15.7
Hoist mechinism power Kw 55
Slewing speed r/min 0~0.7
Trolley speed m/min 0~65
Top-rising speed m/min 55
Outline dimension Height of the total tower crane m 61.4
End of the boom to slewing center 71.7 (66.7 61.7 56.7)
Balance boom to slewing center 19.2
Weight Structure weight (free-standign) t 71.63
Balance weight 27.3???25 23 19.6
Working temperature ? -20~+40
Basic working wind pressure Pa 250
Basic non- working wind pressure Pa 1100
Power supply parameter 50Hz ~380V??10%

16 Ton Tower Crane | OEM

Luffing tower cranes are mostly used to move objects and heavy loads where there are very tall buildings involved. They can also be used to move loads where there is a lot of congestion on the ground because they are very tall. The 16 Ton Tower Crane, for example, can go to a height of 48M when free-standing and 183M when anchored. They also have a working radius of 3.2M-70M depending on the individual model. These are just some of the structural features of these tower cranes that make them very attractive to customers. Other beneficial features of these building construction crane machines are;


As mentioned above, these tower cranes are mostly used when the ground space is limited and congested. This is made possible by the fact that they are easy to adjust to reduce the working radius and therefore reducing the ground space they take up as they operate. Their controls are also customized and simplified so that an operator does not need to have extensive skills to operate the cranes.


These tower crane machines are mostly used in a semi-small scale and small scale operations. This is because they can carry a load with a maximum weight of 16tons at a time without putting too much pressure on the machine. To make them suitable for this function, the 16 Ton Tower Crane design allows for enhanced stability so that the crane does not fall over even when it carries a heavy load with a short operating radius.


This building tower crane is designed with a spacious cab that is fitted with comfortable chairs that are easily adjustable to suit the desire of the operator. Also, the cab of the 16 Ton Tower Crane is well ventilated and strategically situated to ensure the visibility of the load being carried at all times without straining.

The construction crane price is generally low and affordable to many people due to the high rate of production of the machines. They also come in two major models you can choose from, and these models vary in the capacity of work they can carry out and the cost.

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