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19-ton Medium Bulldozer - TS160-3 | HBXG

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Dozer Tilt
Operation weight???kg) 19000
Ground pressure(KPa) 30
Overall dimensions (mm) 5520??4240??3180
EngineType WEICHAI WP10G178E355
Rated power (KW) 131

19 Ton Bulldozer TS160-3 | HBXG

The 19-ton TS160-3 bulldozer from the house of HBXG is a true marvel of modern machinery. The 1850rpm engine with a rated power of 131kW renders this machine with strong power to address high-efficiency work requirements. The applications of this machine are popular due to the higher production efficiency and better operations along with improved mobility.

Bulldozer hydraulic system

The new HBXG bulldozer utilizes a powerful implement hydraulic system that is based on a gears pump type. The TS160-3 is thus capable of rendering out a maximum system pressure of 15.5 Mpa. Furthermore, the system output is also another promising feature in the TS160-3 bulldozer. At 170L/min, the implement hydraulic system in TS160-3 can ensure very promising performance levels.

Credible Benefits of the TS160-3 bulldozer

The new-generation approach followed in building this HBXG dozer accounts for a wide range of potential benefits.

  • Luxurious cabin with modern line design makes it attractive and comfortable.
  • Higher production efficiency and mobility for performance improvement.
  • Ideal for applications in coast planting, sloppy area, oil fields or environment system.
  • High performance at low ground pressure.
  • The convenience of repairing at low costs.

Sophisticated and efficient transmission, steering, and brake system

The transmission, steering, and brake system is also a prominent highlight of the HBXG TS160-3 bulldozer. The main clutch opens normally and is wet type alongside the facility of hydraulic booster control. The steering clutch involves hydraulic operation and is equipped with multiple-disc oil power metallurgy disc with spring compression. The braking mechanism in the TS160-3 is band braking with two directions oil-based operation through mechanical food pedal. The transmission in the TS160-3 bulldozer is also a promising highlight in its driving system. The transmission is based on a normally meshed helical gear drive and includes coupling sleeve shift alongside two-lever operation. You can find five forward speeds and four backward speeds for better mobility. The forward speeds are 2.7km/h, 3.7km/h, 5.4km/h, 7.6km/h and 11.0km/h. The backward speeds are 3.5km/h, 4.9km/h, 7.0km/h and 9.8km/h.

High-quality engine performance

The engine in TS160-3 is also a signature aspect of the machine. The direct-drive engine with maximum torque ranging between 1000 to 1200 rpm is a powerhouse for this HBXG bulldozer. The rated power of 131kW provides the perfect balance between the desired output and fuel consumption. The rated fuel consumption is 200g/KW-h and clearly shows the efficiency of TS160-3.

Simple undercarriage design

The undercarriage system in the 19-ton TS160-3 bulldozer is also a prominently appealing feature for improving the machine???s efficiency. The swing type of sprayed beam along with suspended equalizer bar structure provides ease of use and maneuvering in this HBXG dozer. The width of track shoe is 1070mm and an estimated pitch of 203.2mm. You can find seven-track rollers on each side with two carrier rollers also.

Strong final drive

The final drive in the TS160-3 bulldozer involves double reduction supported by spur gear and segment sprocket, and a duo-cone seal seals both of them. As a result, you find a powerful and strong final drive in the 19-ton TS160-3 bulldozer.

An excellent foundation for better performance and easy repairs

The ground clearance of 510mm and a right blade width of 4240mm, making it ideal for dozing projects. The exceptional dozing capacity of 4.3m3 is supported by the maximum digging depth of 430mm, thereby providing prolific results every time. The low ground pressure of 26.8kpa helps make easy repairs. The cost of repairs also reduces further due to the very simple structure of the TS160-3 bulldozer.

Captivating features with TS160-3 bulldozer

A simple design, powerful engine, sleek transmission, efficient power rating, and convenient maintenance are some of the dominant features in TS160-3 that no one could undermine. Based on these features, 19-ton TS160-3 bulldozer is easily one of the best and powerful beasts from the house of HBXG. With a wide range of areas of application, TS160-3 can prove to be a good investment!

  1. 19 Ton Bulldozer review by Ted Andrews on 3/29/2022

    Camamach worked diligently to satisfy our demands in selecting the best machine for our project.

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