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25-ton 33.8m Truck Crane - QY25 | XCMG

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Dimensions Specifications Unit
Overall length 12500 Mm
Overall width 2500 Mm
Overall height 3385 Mm
Weight ??? ???
Dead weight in travel state 32000 Kg
Front axle load 6800 Kg
Rear axle load 24800 Kg
Power ??? ???
Engine model SC9DF300Q3 WD615.329 ???
Engine rated output 221/2200 213/2200 Kw(r/min)
Engine rated torque 1250 1160  N.m(r/min)
Travel ??? ???
Max.travel speed 80 Km/h
Min. turning diameter ???22 M
Min. ground clearance 275 Mm
Approach angle 18 ???
Departure angle 13 ???
Max. gradeability 40 %
Fuel consumption of per 100km 37 L
Lifting performance ??? ???
Max. total rated lifting load 25 T
Min. rated working radius 3 M
Turning radius at swing table tail 3260 Mm
Base boom max. load moment 961 Kn.m
Base boom 10.4 M
Full-extend boom 40 M
Full-extend boom+Jib 48.3 m
Outrigger longitudinal distance span 5.36 M
Outrigger lateral distance span 6 M
Working speed ??? ???
Boom elevating time 68 S
Boom telescoping time 150 S
Max. slewing speed 2.5 r/min
Main winch max. speed(single line) 120 m/min
Auxiliary winch max.speed(single line) 120 m/min

25 Ton Truck Crane QY25 | XCMG

The 25 Ton Truck Crane QY25 is a XCMG series truck crane which boasts enhanced performance, quality, ease of use, easy maintenance and improvements to energy efficiency and environmental protection. The enhanced performance stems from a newly optimized machine layout that reduces the truck crane???s stress on major parts which results in huge improvements in performance outperforming competitors.

Truck Crane Quality

XCMG???s new QY25 Truck Crane utilizes a classic K-series telescopic boom technology used to protect operations and maintain safety. Their use of a complete safety device system makes operations more reliable. Other features include the below:

  • Upgraded braking system
  • Dual-loop pneumatic design
  • New power steering mechanism for lightweight, agile, and precise utility
  • Rigid vehicle frame for balance between strength and rigidity

QY25 Truck Crane Ease of Use

The new truck crane sold by XCMG is much more energy efficient with its new load-sensing hydraulic system which is both ergonomic and intuitive. This high precision control paired with micro-motion detection prevents mistakes. The cab also uses a large arc-shaped windscreen for larger and wider operating visibility.

Convenient Truck Crane Maintenance

XCMG???s QY25 truck crane works with a highly optimized layout and design based on scientific research which cuts down maintenance and time costs. Below are examples of design changes:

  • Electrical system upgrade for leak-proof connectors
  • K-series technology preventing rope disruptions
  • Retractable steel wire rope prevents dropping and breaking of device
  • Full aluminum-covered platforms to protect vehicle components

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Truck Crane Features

Various features of the XCMG Truck Crane include:

  • Dual control engines
  • Economical vehicle mode using less engine power to satisfy the same challenging tasks
  • Powerful cooling device to extend service time of oil
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