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32-ton Large Bulldozer - SD32 | Shantui

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Item Specification Unit
Overall machine dimension L??W??H (excluding ripper) 8560??4130??3640(including ripper) mm
Operating weight(t) (excluding ripper) 37.2  
Engine model NTA855-C360S10  
Net power/rated speed 235/2000 kW/rpm
Ground pressure 0.105 Mpa
Blade type Straight tilting blade Angle blade Semi-U blade  
Blade capacity 10 for straight tilting blade 6.2 for angle blade 11.7 for Semi-U blade m??

32 Ton Bulldozer SD32 | Shantui

If you are new to bulldozer equipment, the prospect of buying one might be somewhat daunting. This is especially when looking to invest in a large bulldozer. Here are the essential parts of this new bulldozer machine, the 32 Ton Bulldozer SD32, which should make it as effortless as possible for you to make the right choice.

Bulldozer Blades

Dozer machines carry different types of blades to serve multi-faceted functions. These blades also handle different materials and wide-ranging load weights. A dozer machine like the 32 Ton Bulldozer SD32 | Shantui is specifically designed to take larger loads than an 18-tonne dozer would. It comes with different blade capacities including:

  • 10m3 for straight tilting blades (S-blades)
  • 6.2m3 for angle blades
  • 11.7m3 for Semi-U blades (S-U blades)

Besides determining the blade capacity of the dozer for sale, you should also endeavor to know the different types of blades that bulldozers use. You can then match the blades to their respective functions with your specific needs in mind. For instance, S-U blades are perfect for tasks such as moving heavy material, ditching, crowning, and stumping. Since S-U blades are a combination of the U-blade and S-blade, it carries stronger penetration on top of better overall versatility.

Final Drive

These are probably the most used and replaced parts of bulldozer equipment. The latest final drives often distribute the load through manifold gear teeth to lift the drive motor from the suspension. The 32 Ton Bulldozer SD32 | Shantui, for example, comes with:

✔ a highly reliable power shift transmission

✔ a very stable hydraulic torque converter

✔ a 2-stage spur gear final drive

A combination of these features ensures that the 32 Ton Bulldozer SD32 bulldozer for sale has a high power transmission capacity, excellent execution of tasks, as well as high productivity. The Chongfa engine with built-in exhaust gas turbocharger completes the list of things you will need in a powerful bulldozer.

  1. Bulldozer review by Alissa Morrison on 4/4/2022

    It's exactly what I've been looking for. SD32 has really helped our business.

  2. thanks Camal! review by Alissa Morrison on 6/30/2021

    Exactly what I've been looking for. The SD32 is great!

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