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37-ton Large Bulldozer - SD8N | HBXG

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Dozer Tilt
Operation weight???kg) 37300
Ground pressure(KPa) 94
Overall dimensions (mm) 7930??3940??3549
EngineType Cummins NTA855-C360S10
Rated power (KW) 257

37 Ton Bulldozer SD8N | HXBG

The 37 ton SD8N HXBG bulldozer is also quite known as the mining dozer. This bulldozer comes with the advanced elevated sprocket. It comes with direct hydraulic drive and along with midlevel rigid suspended controls. The bulldozer is enriched with high-end hydraulic control. It comes packed with torque converter of hydraulic-mechanic type.

The bulldozer delivers power shift transmission for greater performance. The HBXG bulldozer is primarily used in hydro-electric construction works. At the same time, it is extensively used in mining sectors as well. There is a great use of these bulldozers for land clearance works. In modern times, these bulldozers are highly used for port development works.

Features, control, and performance:

Distinguishing part about the HBXG dozer is the greater operator control it provides. With greater control, massive looking tasks can be easily completed through it. The super-efficient engine of it generates 257 KW powers, which is equivalent to 345 HP. Its weight would be around 32 tons bare, which would be around 37 tons with ripper. The superior pilot joy sticks hydraulic control makes things excellent for the operator. In addition, the HBXG bulldozer has ROPS and air-conditioned cabin, with high-end LED lighting arrangement.

The bulldozer comes with air to air after cooled, mechanical injector type, and water-cooled type cooling system. It can be turbocharged with a rated power of up to 345 HP. The bulldozer functions with 2100 rpm rated revolution. It is capable of generating 1353 n.m/rpm torque.

The 37 ton SD8N HXBG bulldozer comes with 6 cylinders, and it can generate displacement of 14 L. It generates 140 x 152 mm Bore x Stroke. It comes with the advanced mechanical fan drive type. The bulldozer operates at 14.5:1 compression rate. Moreover, there are a couple of fuel filters in it. With advanced mechanical control fuel injection type fuel system, it is capable of delivering superior performance.

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