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4 Axle Lowbed Semi Trailer | OEM

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4 axle lowbed semi trailer
Tare weight 12000kg
Size 13000mm*2500mm-3500mm*2900mm
Payload 80T
Main beam Heavy duty and extra durability designed I beam; opting for high tensile steel Q345, welded by automatic submerged-Arc processes. Top flange 20mm,width140mm;Middle Flange 14mm height 500mm;bottom flange 20mm,width 140mm
Side beam 20#/25# channel steel(Q235)
Cross member 16# channel steel(Q235)
Floor 3mm-5mm checkered plate
Side wall No
Front board No
Axle 4 axle FUWA/BPW/SAF/L1 brand or China local brand 13T/15T/16T
Suspension Mechanical suspension American type local brand
Leaf spring Leaf spring 10pcs*90*13mm
Tire 11.00R20/12.00R20/11R22.5/12R22.5/825R20/385/65R22.5 Tire optional
Wheel rim 8.5-20/9.0-20/8.25-22.5/9.0-22.5/9.75 wheel rim optional upon choice
Kingpin JOST or other brand 2"/3.5" bolt-in king pin
Landing gear JOST or other brand two-speed, landing gear 28T
Ladder Mechanical ladder or hydraulic ladder
Vehicle application Excavator transport or other heavy duty machine transport
Braking system WABCO RE6 relay valve ;T30/30 spring brake chamber;40L air tanks
ABS Optional
Lights LED 8 side lights and 2 rear lights 2 width lamp
Painting Complete chassis sand blasting to clean rust ,1coat of anticorrosive prime,2coats of final paint
Accessories One standard tool box???one spare tire carrier???one crank???one shaft head wrench???four side light???two rear light
Date of delivery 20 workdays after we received 30% of contract value T/T down payment.

4 Axle Lowbed Semi | OEM

Chengda is a popular brand in the world of low bed trailer. Whether you are looking for a sturdy unit to haul construction machinery such as bulldozers, excavators, transformers, and generators or oversize agricultural equipment, this Chinese manufacturer has some of the best semi flatbeds for sale.

What it offers here is the renowned 4 axle flatbed semi trailer. This model measures 13000mm by 2500mm (3500mm optional) by 2900mm, and has a tare weight (unladen weight) of 12000 kilograms.

Main beam construction and payload

This semi truck flatbed trailer for sale near me is fitted with a heavy-duty and extra durable I beam. For longevity and value, this beam has been crafted using high tensile steel Q345. In addition, it???s been welded by automatic submerged Arc processes.

This beam has a 20mm top flange with a width of 140mm, a 14mm middle flange with a height of 500mm, and a 20mm bottom flange with a width of 140mm.

This flatbed semi trailer for sale is also fitted with 20-25 side beams made of grade Q235 steel. The same grade of steel is also used for the 16 cross members, and the floor is made of a 3mm-5mm checkered plate for maximum stability of the cargo.

This heavy duty main gives you a semi low bed trailer that you can use to haul cargo with up to 80 tons.

Axle and wheelbase

This lowbed for sale has 4 axles from FUWA/BPW/SAF/L1 brand, but you can also opt for another China local brand 13T/15T/16T.

The wheelbase has optional wheel rim configuration that allows you to choose from 8.5-20, 9.0-20, 8.25-22.5, 9.0-22.5, and 9.75.

Other areas of customization on this semi truck flatbed trailer include the tires, kingpin (JOST or other brand 2??????/3.5?????? bolt-in) and landing gear (JOST or other brand 2-speed 28T landing gear).


  • Ladder- mechanical and hydraulic
  • Braking system- WABCO RE6 relay valve: T30/30 spring brake chamber, 40-liter air tanks
  • ABS- optional
  • Lights: 8 LED side lights, 2 rear lights, and 2 width lamp
  • Painting: complete chassis sand blasting, 1 coat of anticorrosive prime, and 2 coats of final paint
  • One standard tool box, one spare tire carrier, one crank, one shaft head wrench
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