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4-ton Tower Crane | OEM

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Main technical Parameters

Normal hoisting moment 315 Kn.m
Max. hoisting weight 3 t
Rated hoisting weight at Jib nose 0.734 t
Working radius 2.5~39 m
Height Independent 25 m
Attached 100 m
Hoisting Speed Ratio 2
Hoisting Speed 42/21/7 m/min
Swing speed 0.45/0.7 r/min
Radius speed 33 m/min
Top-hoisting speed 0.7 m/min
Weight(Independent) 19.5(21) t
Ballast Weight 5 t
Max. swing radii 39.95 m
Rear swing radii 10.37 m
Max. working wind speed 20 m/s
Max. wind speed for top rising 13 m/s
Working temperature -20~40 °C


Technical Parameters of Main Parts

hoisting structure Electric motor model YZS200L1-4/8/24
Power kW 15/15/4
Rotating speed r/min 1440/730/220
Decelerating motor model JZQ400
Central Distance mm 400
ratio 15.75
Arrester model YWZ-200/25
Braking moment Nm 200
Hydraulic Propeller YT1-25
Steel wire 6*9-12.5-1670-l-right twisted
swing mechanism Epicyclical reducer model XX4-63
Reducing ratio 195
Fluid coupling YOX-220A
Slewing coupling 011.32.1120
Electric motor model YD112M-6/4 B5
Power kW 2.2/2.8
Rotating speed r/min 950/1440
Radius changing mechanism Electric motor model Y100l2-4
Power kW 2.2/2.8
Rotating speed r/min 1430
Reducer model WCJ-120
Reducing ratio 38
Steel wire 6*19-6.2-1570-l-right twisted
Lifting mechanism Electric motor model Y100L2-4-B5
Power kW 3
Rotating speed r/min 1430
Hydraulic oil cylinder HSGK-125/90-1320
Rating pressure MPa 16

3 Ton Tower Crane | OEM

The 3 Ton Tower Crane is among the smallest tower crane equipment that is used in construction and other commercial projects today. Many of its benefits and features that make it competitive and preferred by many are due to its small and compact body and structure. This design makes them easy to carry along when moving and also easy to operate, meaning that people with little technical knowledge can run them. Other attractive features of this luffing crane are listed below.


This tower crane for sale has been in use for a while now and therefore its production and manufacture rate is very high. Due to this factor, it is very easy to get this construction crane for sale at a very affordable price. Also, the maintenance cost is significantly reduced by its compact design and size. This is because lubrication is much easier due to the easily locatable moving parts.


Even though the lifting capacity is considerably smaller compared to other building tower cranes, this crane is still very effective and efficient at work. It has a maximum load-carrying capacity of 3 tons, making it very useful in small-scale commercial activities that require a lot of labor to lift objects and materials. The strong body of the 3 Ton Tower Crane also increases the crane's effectiveness because it can be used for a long time without getting damaged.

Safety and comfort

The 3 Ton Tower Crane is designed with several safety and comfort features. For instance, it has lights on the length of the crane to ensure that the operator has a clear view of the load being carried and the destination of the load. With this feature, it is easy and convenient for this building construction crane to be used even at night.

It is also designed with a comfortable and adjustable seat to enhance the comfort of the operator.

When you are looking for a tower crane for small scale use, this is the best crane for you. Besides the features listed above, it is also very reliable, and the running cost is significantly low.

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