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4-ton Tracked Carrier | OEM

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Model 4-ton Tracked Carrier
Overall size 3800*1600*1200mm
Chassis size 2040*1040*580mm
Container size 2400*1600*420mm
Engine power 37Kw 50ps
Height from ground 350mm
Travel speed 12km/h
Machine weight 1700Kg
Maximum Payload 4000Kg
Wading depth 500mm
Swampland depth 400mm
Climbing angle 35??
Track width 400mm
Length of track on the ground 2000mm

4 Ton Tracked Carrier

A crawler carrier that is redefining the ease of accessing off-road transportation, this crawler carrier for sale is a miniature powerhouse that is getting things done in the hardest to reach sites in forestry, mining, oil and natural gas exploration, and material and personnel transportation among other applications.

Dependable build

This 4-ton crawler carrier is a rugged and dependable outdoors vehicle designed to get your equipment and team while traversing a wide array of terrain conditions that are otherwise inaccessible using standard trucks.

This rubber track crawler carrier has an overall size of 3800mm by 1600mm by 1200mm and has a ground clearance of 350mm.

The chassis of this crawler carrier has a heavy-duty construction and measures 2040mm by 1040mm by 580mm. The container, on the other hand, also boasts high-quality construction materials and top-notch welding to make this crawler carrier for sale a perfect match for the tough outdoors.

Versatile capability

The definite benefit that this tracked carrier for sale brings its versatile capability and dependability. Powered by a 37kw 50ps engine, this unit can afford a maximum payload of 4000 kilograms which is over two times its total weight of 1700 kilograms and travel speeds of up to 12 km/h (7.5 mph).

What???s even more impressive is that if offers a swampland depth leeway of up to 400mm and a wading depth of 500mm. In addition, this crawler carrier has a width of 400mm and can comfortably climb inclinations of up to 35 degrees when loaded to capacity.

This tracked carrier for sale has a simple yet highly functional operator???s cabin and all the controls are easily accessible for safety and comfortable operations. The seat is both comfortable and ergonomic and has a thick padding and a height adjustment system to suit different operator???s needs.

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