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42-ton 75-258m Tower Crane | Zoomlion

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 Rated lifting moment(kN.m) 8000
 Max.lifting height(m) Free-standing stationary crane 75
Anchored crane 257.4
Working radius(m) Max.working radius 80
Min.working radius 5.4
Max.lifting capacity(t) 42
Hoisting mechanism  Ropefall ?????2 ?????4
Speed(m/min) 30 60 75 15 30 37.5
Lifting weight(t) 21 10.5 4 42 21 8
Power(kW) 132
Slewing mechanism Speed(m/min) 0???0.6
Power(kW) 4??7.5kW
Trolleying mechanism Speed(m/min) 0~50
Power(kW) 18.5

42 Ton Tower Crane | ZOOMLION

The 42 Ton Tower Crane is very common especially in commercial projects like building and construction of towers and tall buildings, building roads and even at the port for loading and offloading of cargo. This tower crane machine, in particular, is ubiquitous today with its most attractive feature being the large working radius. It has a minimum working radius of 5.4M and a maximum working radius of 80M. This makes it suitable for all kinds of operations without taking a lot of space. Other features include;


The cab of this 42 Ton Tower Crane is designed with features like air conditioning, fire extinguisher systems, and even comfortable seats. This makes it suitable even for the operations that are time-intensive and require the operator to spend long hours in the cab without getting tired or fatigued. There???s also clear visibility of the working area from the cab to enhance the safety of the material being carried.


This building tower crane is designed in a way that allows for transportation of material in all directions. This makes work a lot easier because the operator does not have to turn the machine now and then, which helps to save time and energy required for work. With this feature, the luffing tower crane can complete many tasks at a shorter time.

Ease of maintenance

This construction crane price is generally affordable. Besides the price, it is also easy to maintain a tower crane of this model because it has a simple structure; you do not need the help of a professional to inspect the working systems of the 42 Ton Tower Crane.


This luffing tower crane is very efficient in working, seeing to the fact that it can lift loads to a maximum height of 75M when free-standing and 257M when it is anchored. It is also fast in its operations, a feature that makes it very useful, especially when time is of the essence.

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