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45-ton Large Bulldozer - SD9 | HBXG

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Dozer Tilt
Operation weight???kg) 44580
Ground pressure(KPa) 102
Overall dimensions (mm) 6592??4314??3970
EngineType Cummins KTA19-C525
Rated power (KW) 316

45 Ton Bulldozer SD9 | HXBG

The 45 Ton Bulldozer SD9 from HBXG is wholly hydraulically operated with a suspending elasticity. The different functionalities of this smart HBXG Dozer are pilot hydraulic controlling blade operation, modular designing components which are easy to maintain, portable labour-saving nicety man-machine designing controlling system, electronic monitoring and ROPS cabin. HBXG Bulldozer machine has a large scale soil construction.



The blade is positioned at the front of the bulldozer equipment and can lift via hydraulic assemblies. Track gauge has been estimated from the midpoint width of one track to the midpoint width of the other path. A broader gauge typically gives you more reliable bulldozer machine performance when working on inclines.

The weight and stability of the dozer machine are crucial. Typically more mass and energy is required when you need to push considerable loads in a mass-production situation. Ground pressure is a factor of the load of the machine, length of track on the territory. More full tracks on the ground reduce ground pressure.

HBXG Dozer blade width removes a concern on dozers if you want to be able to run the machine on a vehicle without taking the blade off. When you get into other dozers, you???ll usually be required to take the edge off the dozer to transport it.


HBXG Dozer is a high-powered diesel, primarily because of the torque needed to move through very rugged terrain. Its flywheel power is good enough to store power and not let the acceleration or deceleration of the engine to be sluggish. It is an important thing to consider for the life of bulldozer equipment.

Undercarriage System

The undercarriage is one of the most costly parts on your dozers. Understanding the life expectancy is crucial to evaluating the value of a dozer. Also, the sprocket is a critical thing for the undercarriage system as it helps a lot in lessening tear and wear. HBXG Bulldozer sprocket is elevated elastically suspended, and the Tyack is in a triangle shape.


The forward and backward gear speed in HBXG Bulldozer is highly adjustable to wearing of the machine, which is a good thing for the lifeline of the bulldozer. While working the third gear for long periods is not encouraged because it stimulates undercarriage wear, this may be less of a matter in the future as undercarriage devices and supplies will get advancement.

Make sure you adjust the pace and gear selection in your bulldozer equipment operations to the undercarriage wear. Because of their extremely variable speeds, hydrostatic transmissions have further versatility in this area than power-shift.

Implement a hydraulic system

HBXG Bulldozer Machine offers high functioning Hydraulic Double Vane Pump, with a top-performing motor and wear-resistant spares that make it the first option possible in the business.

Driving System

In the power shift transmission with three speeds forward and three speeds reverse, the speed and direction could be swiftly shifted. The torque converter in dozer machine is power separating hydraulic-mechanic type. The steering clutch is hydraulically pressed, and the brake clutch is the constant mesh type pressed by the spring. The final drive is two-stage planetary reduction gear mechanism and splash lubrication.

Clutch-brake systems of dozer machine enable you to pivot shift by locking up one track and turning on the other road. Differential steering systems are a bit more expensive, but you gain the understanding to power turn and counter-rotate since there???s the potential to both tracks.

This 45 Ton Bulldozer SD9 from HBXG is broadly used in transportation, desert, oil field, power station, mine, swaps etc. Not just this, but you can also choose American Cummins engine, and emission standard meets with Tier3 with lower fuel consumption and more robust power output.

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