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5-ton 35-175m Tower Crane | Zoomlion

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 Rated lifting moment (kN.m) 885
 Max.lifting height(m) Free-standing stationary crane 34.9
Anchored crane 175
Working radius(m) Max.working radius 50
Min.working radius 2.5
Max.lifting capacity(t) 4
Hoisting mechanism  Ropefall ?????2.5 ?????5
Speed(m/min) 65 32.5 9.7 32.5 16.25 4.85
Lifting weight(t) 1.25 2.5 2.5 2.5 5 5
Power(kW) 18/18/5
Slewing mechanism Speed(m/min) 0???0.6
Power(kW) 5.5
Trolleying mechanism Speed(r/min) 40/20
Power(kW) 2.4/1.5

5-Ton Tower Crane | Zoomlion

A tower crane is a machine that often comes with chains or wire ropes, and sheaves that lift and lower objects, while maintaining the ability to move the items horizontally. As such, a tower crane is most popular for lifting heavy things as well as moving them to other places. Here are useful features of the 5-Ton Tower Crane:

Lifting Height

When investing in a tower crane machine, it is crucial to consider the lifting height of the equipment against your lifting needs. The 5-Ton Tower Crane | Zoomlion is a stationary crane you can rely upon for different heights. As a freestanding stationary crane, the 5-ton tower crane for sale has a maximum lifting height of approximately 35 meters. However, if you are interested in greater reach, you can use it as an anchored crane and reach maximum heights of up to 175 meters.

Working Radius

Whether you need a luffing crane or your project is more suitable with a building tower crane, it is vital to consider its working radius. How far wide do you want to reach with your ideal crane machine? All prospective buyers should answer this pertinent question before hitting the market. With this 5-Ton Tower building construction crane, you get 2.5 meters minimum working radius and up to 50 meter-wide reach.

Electrical Control System

Controlling a crane tower determines its usefulness. For that reason, the 5-Ton Tower Crane | Zoomlion carries a powerful PLC electrical control system. This makes the machine highly reliable, safe, and easy to use. Besides, the electrical system is four times durable than the common cranes in the market. Providing easy maintenance, repairs, plus reliable operations, this construction crane???s price is highly competitive for its features.

Here at CamaMach, we have been specializing in availing the best tower cranes for people like you, for many years now. Contact us HERE to learn more about this incredible lifting machine.

  1. 5 Ton Tower Crane review by Robert Brooks on 3/29/2022

    This tower crane was recommended to me by some of my business partners. After using it, I discovered that it is actually extremely effective and beneficial for my work.

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