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6-ton Tower Crane | OEM

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Technical Parameters of Main Parts

Normal hoisting moment Kn.m 760/870
Max. Hoisting weight t 6
Rated hoisting weight at jjb nose t 1.3
Working radius m 2.5-50
Height(m) Anchoring M 40
Climbing M 140
Hoisting speed Magnification
Hoisting speed M/min
Max. Hoisting weight t
Swing speed R/min 0.6
Radius changing speed M/min 22/44
Top rising speed M/min 0.5
Tower crane weight Net weight (Anchoring) T 31.4(32.9)
Ballast weight T 12
Total weight (Anchoring) T 43.4(44.9)
Working swing speed M 51.254
Rear swing speed M 12.06
Maximum working wind speed M/S 20
Maximum working speed for top rising M/S 13
Ambient Temperature -20~+40 °C

6 Ton Tower Crane | OEM

Cranes are generally very large equipment commonly used in substantial commercial construction projects. However, there are also building tower cranes that are small in size, but the working principle and the applications are the same. The 6 Ton Tower Crane is an excellent example of the smaller cranes available, but they still get work done. The working radius is significantly large; 2.5M-39M, this crane can lift a capacity of 3tons at a go. Even though this capacity is small, it can still help in getting work done, especially in activities that do not require a lot of labor. This tower crane is, therefore, most suitable for small-scale operations. Other features of this crane are listed below.


It would not make sense for a machine that is designed for small-scale operations to have a complex structure and complex form. This is, therefore, one of the best features of the 6 Ton Tower Crane. The simple structure makes it easy for one to carry out maintenance practices like lubrication and also in the general operation of the crane. These factors make it easy for the operator to run the machine without risk of getting injured.


This is a tower crane that can lift loads to a height of 25M independently and 100M when attached. It also has a hoisting speed of 0.7M/m, which is very fast compared to other models of the same machine. These factors, combined with its ability to work best at temperatures of 20-40???, make the tower crane machine to be very competitive in the market today.


The cab of this building construction crane is designed with hardy and durable materials that will ensure the safety of the operator at all times. The cab is also equipped with tools like fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, and air conditioning systems to ensure that the operator is comfortable and can reduce the risk of accidents in the cab.

This tower crane for sale can be found in all machinery equipment outlets at a very affordable price. Buying this crane will guarantee you a longer useful life, more efficiency, and safety of the operator and reduced cost of operation.

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