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60 Ton lift capacity Rough-terrain Crane - RT60 | XCMG

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Item Specification Unit
Measurements Parameters
Length of Entire Vehicle 13135 mm
Width of Entire Vehicle 3180 mm
Height of Entire Vehicle 3750 mm
Wheel Base 4000 mm
Wheel Track 2400 mm
Weight Parameters
Gross Vehicle Weight When Driving 49065 kg
Axle Load (Front Axle)25032/(Rear Axle)24033 kg
Kinetic Paremeter
Engine Type QSB6.7 -
Engine Rated Power 194 kw/(r/min)
Engine Max Torque 987 N.m/(r/min)
Driving Parameters
Max Travel Speed 35 km/h
Min Travel Speed 2 km/h
Min Turning Radius 12.2 m
Head Min. Turning Diameter - m
Max Gradeability 65 %
Min. Ground Clearance of Machine 467 mm
Approach Angle 20 ??
Departure Angle 17.5 ??
Braking Distance 9 m
Fuel Consumption per 100kms - L
Major Performance Parameters
Max. Rated Lifting Capacity 60 t
Min. Rated Range 3 m
Max. Load Moment of Basic Jib 2033 kN??m
Radius of Gyration of Turntable Tail 4220 mm
Longitudinal 7.3 m
Horizontal 7.2/5.6 m
Max. Lifting Height
Basic Boom 11.3 m
Longest Main Boom 43.3 m
Longest Main Boom + Auxiliary Boom 58.1 m
Boom Length of Crane
Basic Boom 11.32 m
Longest Main Boom 43.2 m
Longest Main Boom + Auxiliary Boom 60.7 -
Longest Main Boom + Auxiliary Boom + Extension - -
Working Speed
Max. Slewing Speed 2 r/min
Lifting Speed
Main Hoisting Mechanism 130(Unload) m/min
Auxiliary Hoisting Mechanism 130(Unload) m/min
Stretching and Retracting Time of Crane Boom
Full Stretching 110 s
Full Retracting - -
Luffing Time
Full Travel Boom Lifting 80 s
Full Travel Boom Lowering - s
Outrigger Extension and Retract Horizontal
Stretching at the Same Time 40 s
Retracting at the Same Time 30 s
Outrigger Extension and Retract Vertical
Stretching at the Same Time 55 -
Retracting at the Same Time 40 -

Product Description

RT60 is a high-end model developed by XCMG and an experienced R&D institute in Europe, which has been approved by CE in Europe. The product is equipped with two-axle loading chassis and has two types of driving model, four types of turning models and back-and-forward driving function. The product has five sections of quadrangular great circle main doom, H-type outrigger as well as combined self-removal and installation counterweight. It has three types of operation models such as operation with the support of outrigger, operation with the support of tire and hanging when driving. It is widely used in oil field, mine, road and bridge construction, warehousing base and other construction sites.

Product Highlights:

Technology from Europe, Performance in Leading Level

The product is developed by China and Germany with delicate design. The product has strong comprehensive lifting power with its 43.2m main doom and 17.5m auxiliary boom under the same boundary conditions.

Maneuvering and Flexible, Quick and Efficient

The max speed reaches 35km/h and the max gradeability is 65% and the min. turning radius is 6.1m. All these three factors make it flexible.

The product is equipped with great power system, specialized cross-country pattern tire and skid resisting differential locking gear. All these three factors make it drive over all kinds of road easily.

Safe and Reliable, No Worry to Handle

The product is equipped with lifting protection control system in case of overload, over-retracting and over-stretching as well as exclusive technology in this field like rear axle-wheel automatic return-control system and safety-driving automatic protection system. All these elevate its safety performance largely.

The product is equipped with top features in this field, professional matching upgrading and systematic evaluation test. And it has passed test like driving 40,00km and 10,000 times hanging. Both ensure its reliability.

Economic and Environment Protection, with Cost Saving

The product is equipped with optical matching power transmission system and torque converter with lockout function, which decrease the oil consumption over 20% at high speed. 

The electrical variable power control decreases the comprehensive oil consumption by 15% and extends the service life of the parts by 15%.

The downward-gravity luffing system makes the product need no extra power and save the oil consumption.

Comfortable to Handle, Convenient to Operate

The product is equipped with full hydro-steering control system and automatic manual gear box, which make it easy to handle.

The product is equipped with humanized climb ladder, maintenance access and control layout. And the product is equipped with professional man-machine engineering simulation analysis, exquisite man-machine interface and stand-alone fault diagnose function. It is comfortable to handle and convenient to operate.

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