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8.3 Ton Backhoe Loader - FLB468 | Lovol

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Technical parameters
Type of the Backhoe Loader Center pivot
Transport Dimension(L*W*H)
Transport dimensions(mm) 7200*2320*3500
Operating Weight
Four-Drive 8300
maximum traction kN 74
Forward 1/2/3/4 5.8/10.0/20.1/36
Backword 1/2/3/4 5.6/10.0/20.1/36
Minimum Turning Radius
Outside of the Front Wheel 3950
Loading Specifications
Rated Bucket Capacity 1
Maximum Digging Force 41
Maximum Discharge Height 2660
Maximum Dumping Reach 780
Total cycle time ???8.8
Digging Specifications
Rated Bucket Capacity 0.3
Maximum Digging Force 53.3
Maximum Digging Depth 4445
Maximum Digging Distance 5470
Maximum Unloading Height 3370
Model Lovol engine 1004C-P4T
Type 4 cylinder inline,direct injection,water cooled
Power kW/rpm 69/2200(70/2200)
Maximum Torque(N??m/r/min ???370/1400-1600(392/1400)
Bore * stroke 100*127
Displacement 3.99
Fuel Consumption 220
Speed Changing Box
Drive Axle
Front Axle CARRARO
Braking System
- -
Fuel Tank Capacity
Oil Tank Capacity 130
Front Tyre 14-17.5-14PR
Rare Tyre 19.5L-24-12PR
Model of the Front Axle Tyre 14-17.5-14PR
Model of the Rare Axle 19.5L-24-12PR

8 Ton Backhoe Loader FLB468 | Lovol

Most of the operations of the 8 Ton Backhoe Loader FLB468 are controlled or run hydraulically. The backhoe is an essential part of a backhoe loader machine, hence the general name backhoe. The backhoe loader is used to dig into hard surfaces, mostly the ground during either industrial construction activities or road construction. It can also be used to lift and carry other heavy materials. The main attractive feature of this excavator backhoe loader is the hardy material used to make the structure of the machine. This ensures that the machine is durable and hardly breaks down or requires any replacements. Other attractive features of the excavator loader are listed below.

High capacity

Different backhoe loaders have different load carrying capacity depending on the models. This specific model has the carrying capacity of 1000kg, which is quite high compared to many others. Also, this high capacity makes it suitable for many uses besides groundbreaking activities.

It is affordable

Affordability of a track loader backhoe is not only determined by the purchase price but also the cost of maintaining the machine. This model is relatively affordable and can be easily bought from manufacturers or other distributors. When you want to buy the best backhoe loader at a lower price, it is wise to buy from experts of the same. They can also give you more information and advice on how to properly use and maintain it for longer usage life.

Comfort and safety

The cab is designed with a comfortable seat that allows the operator to use the backhoe loader machine even for long periods without getting too tired or developing body structural issues. The chair can also be easily adjusted to suit different heights of people without straining to get to the controls.

A new backhoe loader for sale guarantees long useful life, but the cost will be higher than that of a used backhoe loader. It is, therefore, to carefully weigh your options and even consult from professionals before choosing the excavator loader to buy.

  1. Quality machine and good value review by R.C on 7/8/2021

    The performance of this product has been better than we imagined.

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