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8 X 4 Dump Truck | Sinotruk

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Engine Make: SINOTRUK
Disel:4-Stroke direct injection diesel engine
Engine model: Euro III,D10.38-30
6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and intercooling
Maximum output: 380hp at 2000 rpm according to DIN
Maximum torque:1590Nm at 1200-1500 rpm
Compression ratio:17.5:1
Specific fuel consumption:195g/kWh
Engine oil filling quantity:23L
Cooling system filling quantity(long-term filling):40L
Thermostat with 71??? opening begin
Twin cylinder air compressor
Clutch Single-plate dry coil-spring clutch, diameter 430mm,hydraulically
operating with air assistance.
Transmission HW19710, 10 forward, 2 reverse, manual.
Ratio: 14.28, 10.62, 7.87, 5.88, 4.38, 3.27, 2.43, 1.8, 1.34, 1. R13.91, R3.18.
Propeller Shaft Double universal joint propeller shaft with gear-shaped coupling flange
Front Axle Steering with double T-cross section beam
Rear Axles Pressed axle housing, central single reduction with planetary wheel
reduction and with differential lock
Chassis Frame: U-profile parallel ladder frame with section of 300??80??8mm and
reinforced subframe, all cold riveted cross members
Aluminum fuel tank: 300 L capacity with locking fuel cap, fitted to the off
side of the chassis
Steering ZF power steering, model ZF8098,hydraulic steering with power assistance.
Ratio: 22.2-26.2
Braking System Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake(emergency brake):spring energy, compressed air operating
on rear wheels
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust valve brake
Tyres 11.00/22.5,13pics, radial tyres.
Cab High roof cab,2 berth, all steel forward control,55??hydraulically tiltable to
the front,2-arm windscreen wiper system with three speeds, laminated
windscreen with casted-in radio
aerial, hydraulically damped adjustable driver's seat and rigid adjustable
co-driver's seat, with heating and ventilating system, exterior sun visor,
adjustable roof flap, stereo radio/cassette recorder, safety belts, adjustable
steering wheel, air horn, air conditioner and double bunks, with 4-point
support fully floating suspension + shock absorbers with transverse stabilizer
Electrical System Operating voltage:24V,negative grounded
Cigar-lighter, horn, headlamps, fog lights, brake lights, indicators and
reverse light, backing alarm
Instrument Active check central controller with indicators, with this integral instrument the
daily manual checks on the vehicle and combined indicators of compressed
air pressure, coolant temperature, engine oil pressure and battery charging.
Dimensions in mm Wheel base 1800+4200+1350
Front wheel track 2022
Rear wheel track 1830
Front overhang 1500
Rear overhang 1975
Approach angle(??) 19
Departure angel(??) 20
Overall length 10825
Overall width 2496
Overall height 3450
Cargo box Dimension 7800 x 2300 x 1500mm
Lifting type front lifting
Ram ??180*5390
Weight in kg Dead weight 15310
Front axle loading capacity 6500/7000
Rear axle loading capacity 17500 ???double axle???
Performance Maximum driving speed(km/h) 80
Fuel consumption(L/100km) 30-33

8x4 Dump Truck | Sinotruk

HOWO-A7 8X4 truck is a brand new dump truck from Sinotruk, having a cargo box measuring 7800mmx2300mmx1500mm, which is flexible at the rear and has hydraulic rams for lifting the front to allow the material to be dumped at the site of delivery. Regardless of the new dump truck cost, it gives an effective performance and has efficient fuel consumption at the rate of (30-33) L/100km. Another positive side of this dump truck brand new has a maximum driving speed of 80km/h.

Chassis configuration

One of the best dump truck to buy, this truck has durable and reliable joint chassis which is in a U-profile parallel frame with a section of 300mmx80x8mm and reinforced sub frame all cold riveted.

The super dump truck for sale has a massive carrying capacity that most medium size and big businesses would need. While it has a deadweight of 15310 kilograms, its front axle and rear axle (double axle) boast loading capacities of 6500/7000kg and 17500kg respectively.

The chassis also houses a 300L aluminum fuel tank fitted for heat dissipation and space-saving storage.

Electrical system

These dump trucks for sell have operating voltage of 24V negative grounded, starter of 24V, 7.5kW, Alternator 3-phase of 28v and 1500w. Another key point is, these heavy dump trucks for sale uses 2*12v, 165Ah/180Ah batteries which are durable.

The mining dump truck for sale truck comes with all kinds of accessories that a driver would need for road safety and driving comfort including; cigar-lighter, horn, brake lights, fog lights, headlamps, indicators, reverse light, and backing alarm.

Engine basics

It is economical to buy a dump truck powered by a 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine, it uses fuel efficiently. The super dump truck for sale has a Euro III D10.38-30 model engine which uses 6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and has a displacement of 9.726L. The engine uses a twin cylinder air compressor and has a compression ratio of 17:5:1. It has a specific fuel consumption of 195g/kWh, engine oil filling quantity of 23 liters, and cooling system filling quantity of 40L.

  1. Sinotruk Dump Truck review by Steven Wright on 3/29/2022

    Thanks for the great product. I was amazed at the quality of the Dump Truck.

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