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8x4 Dump Truck | SHACMAN

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Model SHACMAN F2000 8X4 Tipper SX3314DR456
Engine Weichai(steyr) 340hp Eur
Transmission Fast RT-11509C
Steering ZF Integral circulating ball power steering
Cab MAN F2000 cab, one berth
Rim/Tyres 11.00-20 bias tyre
Carriage Internal Dimensions 8500x2300x1200 mm
Hydraulic Lift of Carriage Front Lift
Fuel Tank 380L(steel)
Optional Engine 290hp-385hp
Rim/Tyres 12.00R20/12.00-20/11.00R20/12R22.5

8x4 Dump Truck | SHACMAN

Looking for the best dump trucks for sale to haul sand, ballast, and road construction material? The F2000 8X4 Tipper (dump truck) from SHACMAN-one of the leading international builders of heavy dump trucks for sale - with its 290hp-385hp engine is built to meet your performance demands and efficiency. These heavy dump trucks for sale are highly rated in terms of functionality and reliability making them widely recommendable for people in search for the best dump truck to buy.

Wheelbase and Carrying Capacity

The mining dump truck for sale has a significance carrying capacity and has carriage internal dimensions of 8500mm by 2300mm by 1200 mm. The dump truck brand new is equipped with a hydraulic lift for lifting the front to allow the material in the freight box to be dumped behind the truck at the delivery site.

On side of the chassis, there is a 380L steel fuel tank fitted for heat dissipation and space-saving storage. These brand new dump trucks for sale come with 11.00-20 bias tyres/rim which is a reliable option for even the rough environments. It has optional rim/tyres 12.00R20/12.00-20/11.00R20/12R22.5.

Engine basics

The dump truck brand new uses Weichai (Steyr) model engine which is a diesel fuel-powered, 4-stroke with a six-cylinder engine. These engines are known for their high thermal efficiency due to their nature of high expansion ratio. The engine has electric ignition mode and water cooling cylinders which are environmental friendlies. Considering its engine compact structure and reliable ability of economic performance, it???s one of the cheap dump trucks for sale.

Cabin compartment and Steering mode

The brand new dump truck has a modern cabin with one berth. It has a hydraulically damped adjustable driver???s seat and rigid adjustable co-driver???s seat with a heating and ventilating system. To buy dump truck with ZF integral circulating ball power steering will not only add efficiency to your operations, but it will also make driving much easier for you and your drivers.

  1. good value review by Elise N. on 7/2/2021

    Shacman Dump Truck is worth much more than I paid.

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