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90-ton Extra Large Bulldozer - SD90 | Shantui

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Item Specification Unit
Overall machine dimension L??W??H (excluding ripper) 11500??5265??4590 (including ripper) mm
Operating weight(t) (excluding ripper) 106.2 (including ripper)  
Engine model QST30  
Net power/rated speed 661/2100 kW/rpm
Ground pressure 0.161 Mpa
Blade type Semi-U blade  
Blade capacity 39 m??

90 Ton Bulldozer SD90 | Shantui

Purchasing a bulldozer is a significant investment that needs considering various elements. It is not unusual for prospective buyers to be unsure of what to consider in the right bulldozer machine. If you are in the market for an extra-large bulldozer for sale, CamaMach offers the 90 Ton Bulldozer SD90 | Shantui.

The 90 Ton Bulldozer SD90 measures 11500 by 5665 by 4590 mm, when measured with the ripper. This massive bulldozer with steering wheel has an operating weight of 106.2 inclusive of the ripper. In other words, the SD90 series has a provision for a ripper, of which you should endeavor to accurately, select.

Modular Design

Since these are massive machines, they can be costly to service and maintain. However, this entire dozer machine comes with a modular design through an easy assembly and simple disassembly of parts. Therefore, you do not have to break the banks on maintenance since this dozer for sale equipment offers simple service.

Adapted To Heavy Duty Performance

As an extra-large bulldozer equipment, you should expect this machine to execute heavyweight duties like moving bulky materials. In addition, the 90 Ton Bulldozer SD90 can traverse both irregular and dense terrains due to its wide tracks that avail excellent traction. It also has a ripper that helps with clearing and crushing dense terrain. Due to the nature of work, this electric bulldozer can do, the engine is enhanced to make it superior to similar 90-ton bulldozer models in the market.


The 90 Ton Bulldozer SD90 comes with direct injection, v-shaped turbocharger and a high-efficiency diesel engine with intercooler. The two features ensure that the machine delivers consistent strong power while saving on fuel consumption. As one of the cheap dozers for sale in the marketplace, the SD90 heavyweight is genuinely worth your investment.

Reliable Torque

The hydraulic torque converter in the 90-ton extra-large bulldozer is unlike anything you have seen in the market. The part comes with a built-in locking function, which goes a long way towards enhancing the transmission efficiency of this new bulldozer model. As such, the machine practically adapts to many working environments.

  1. VERY durable dozer. It can handle just about anything you throw at it review by Roman Clark on 6/30/2021

    I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding machine. This SD90 extra large bulldozer has completely surpassed our expectations.

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