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90hp Crawler Tractor - C902 | YTO

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Model YTO C902 Crawler Tractor
Type Agricultural crawler type
Dimension(LengthxWidthxHeight) (With earth-moving shovel) 4870x2462x2766 mm
Dimension(LengthxWidthxHeight) (Without earth-moving shovel) 4466x1835x2766 mm
Min. operating weight 6890 (equipped with earth-moving shovel) kg
Wheeltread 1435 mm
Wheelbase 1622 mm
Width of crawler 390 mm
Ground specific pressure 49.2(equipped with earth-moving shovel) kPa
Diesel engine
Model LR6B5
Type Vertical,water-cooling,four-stroke
Displacement 7.42 L
Rated power and speed 66.2/2200 Kw/r/min
Gears forward/rear 4/2
Speed forward/rear 3.67-9.03/3.51-5.59 Km/h
Power of power takeoff shaft 56 Kw/r/min
Speed of PTO 750 r/min
Clutch 12-inch double-disc single-action
Work attachments
Type pf three-point linkage Rear-mounted two-point or three-point class-II linkage
Depth-control method Height adjustment
Lifting force 14 Kn
Size of earth-moving shovel (Width x Height) 2462x850 mm
Underground depth of earth-moving shovel 290 mm

90hp Crawler tractor |YTO

The task of deciding the most suitable mini crawler tractor for your farm operations is dependent on a variety of considerations. If you have a medium-sized field less than 100hectares in a low altitude climate and need a tractor for general purposes, the 90Hp Crawler tractors stand as the most ideal. It is a multipurpose farm tractor with excellent capabilities.Its outstanding features include;

Wide wheelbase

This vehicle comes with a wheelbase of 1622mm on tracks to cover a large surface area and a 49.2 ground pressure for excellent adhesion. This enables it to carry out primary farm operations like harrowing, sowing and harvesting with ease.

Water-cooled engine

Designed for low altitude and wetlands, the 90hp Crawler tractor has a vertical water-cooled engine with four strokes that regulates the engine temperatures for an increased engine power for extensive operations.

Hitching system

The hitching system works with either rear-mounted two-point or a class II linkage three-point system that gives the small crawler tractor more usable traction during operations. The height from the ground is adjustable to control the depth in which it goes into ground.

Agricultural crawler

As an agricultural crawler for sale, the 90hp is commanded by a powerful diesel engine that handles heavy-duty operations with low fuel consumption. Its 4/2 gear transmission with 12inch double disc single action clutches and a 750 PTO speed you are guaranteed off utmost efficiency in operation and handling.

With its ergonomic design, from shape to features and all controls attached, it is an easy to operate machinery with a multifunctional capacity to handle a majority of farm works and also reduces labour intensity for the driver. The enclosed cabin protects the driver from external factors such as rain and can be installed with an air conditioner for increased driver comfort.

So if you are looking to get your farm the ideal small crawler tractor for sale, the 90hp crawler tractor | YTO is your go-to option.

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