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Disc Plow, Plough for Sale | YTO Disc Plow
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Disc Plough Parameters
Model 1LY(T)-325 1LY(T)-425 1LY(T)-525 1LY(T)-625
Plowing Width (mm) 0.75 1.0 1.25 1.5
Plowing Depth (mm) 250 250 250 250
Disc Diameter (mm) 660 660 660 660
Number of disc 3 4 5 6
Weight (kg) 450 500 560 650
Matched power (hp) 50 90-120 120-140 120-160
Linkage Three-point suspension

Disc Plow | YTO

Agricultural technology carries many techniques to manage the growth and harvesting of crops. A plowing machine like this YTO disc plow will ensure the mechanical processing of farm soil achieves perfect physical conditions to support the plants you want to grow.


Typically, the YTO plow comes with four concave disks that are individually mounted and fitted to incline backward for maximum depth. You will find this agriculture plowing machine useful to break up and turn the soil, bury any residues of the previous season's crops, and help in the management of weeds.

Models, Plowing Width, and Depth

There are four different disc models offered by the CamaMach company, including the 1LY (T)-325, 1LY (T)-425, 1LY (T)-525, and 1LY (T)-625.

The plowing widths for each of the farm plows for sale are 0.75, 1.0, 1.25, and 1.5 mm respectively. In addition, the expected plowing depth for all the four plows for sale is 250mm. This arrangement means that you can use these plow equipment to work in virtually all soil types for functions like soil or groundbreaking, soil turning, soil raising, and soil mixing.

Number of Disc, Weight, Power

Each of the YTO Western plows for sale has different numbers of discs attached separately. This means you can detach any problematic concave disk and take it to the service center for repairs without carrying the entire small plowing machine.

The 1LY (T)-325 carries three detachable discs, each measuring 660mm with a total weight of 450kg. Due to these specifications, the farm plow is suitable for tractors with less than 50hp. However, it uses the three-point suspension.

The 1LY (T)-425 comes with four separately attached disks for enhanced mixing of soil during plowing. These four discs have a diameter of 660mm each and 500 kg in weight. Matched to the power of between 90-120hp, it is also fitted with a three-point suspension.

1LY (T)-525 has five separately joined disks with a diameter of 660mm and 560kg weight each. You can use this plow with a tractor power starting at 120hp to 140hp. Just as the other plows, the 1LY (T)-525 equally links to a three-point suspension.

1LY (T)-625 features a total of six disks with 660mm diameter as well as 650kg each. Tractors carrying power that ranges from 120hp to 160hp are suitable for this three-point suspension-linked plowing machine.

To see more features and disc plows, visit this SITE.

Why you should buy the YTO Disc Plow?

The YTO Disc Plow is one of the most economical Disc Plows available on the market for farming/agriculture projects. Because the Disc Plow has four concave disks that are fitted to incline backward, this machine is very commonly used in farming/agriculture sites. In addition, the Disc Plow has various disc models, which sets this Disc Plow stand out from the other models! Lastly, because of YTO’s intensive research, the Disc Plow is easy to maintain, making the YTO Disc Plow one of the best agricultural equipment for sale!

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