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8-ton Backhoe Loader - B876F | SDLG

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Technical parameters of 8-ton Backhoe Loader - B876F:

Operating weight (kg) L??W??H Loading Bucket capacity (m??) Digging bucket capacity Rated load (kg) Max.digging force Max.breakout force (E) Max.digging depth (G) Max.digging radius
7700 7233??2350??3608 mm 1 m?? 0.18 m?? 1800 Kg 48 Kn 48 Kn 4303 mm 5393 mm

8 Ton Backhoe Loader B876F | SDLG

Backhoe loaders have been in use for a long time now in building and construction activities. Due to their durability and high efficiency in work, they have gained recognition all around the globe, and they are recognized worldwide. These are the major attractive features that make people favor the excavator loaders, especially for the cumbersome and intensive activities like construction of roads. Other attractive features of the 8 Ton Backhoe Loader B876F are included below.


This backhoe loader machine is designed with hydraulic gear pumps and valves that are very reliable and effective in their efficiency. For instance, this backhoe loader can carry a load of about 1800kg with ease. Most of these parts are imported from Europe and in addition to their efficiency; they are also instrumental in increasing the ability of the backhoe loader machine to maneuver in different terrain with ease. The 8 Ton Backhoe Loader B876F is also fitted with a power shift gearbox that offers excellent stability and swift operation.


The cab where the operator runs the machine from is very comfortable and fitted with comfortable seats. It is also resistant to most of the noise produced by the excavator backhoe loader, making it suitable for use for more extended periods. The parking brake is also designed with a new brake handle that is portable, easy to use, and even safer to use and operate.


The initial purchase price of a new backhoe loader for sale varies with the design and the model, but the 8 Ton Backhoe Loader B876F is particularly affordable. Also, the cost of maintenance is relatively cheaper because the parts are readily available, besides the parts are hardy and resistant to quick wear and tear.

This is the best backhoe loader for most construction activities and needs. However, it is essential to note that there are many models of track loader backhoes, and they all vary in their efficiency and capacity to work. It is therefore important to consult before buying to ensure that you get the right backhoe loader for sale.

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