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Heavy Duty Disc Harrow | YTO

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Product Name Model Width (m) Matched Power (Hp)
1BZD series hydraulic heavy-duty opposed disc harrow 1BZD-2.8/3.3/3.8 2.8-3.8 80-160

Heavy-Duty Disc Harrow | YTO

Before planting, land preparation is the most crucial step. Harrowing is one of the most common methods of land preparation today, especially in fields where there is a lot of plant debris. Harrowing is also done when there is a need for preparation of a seedbed. The Heavy-Duty Disc Harrow is the best for all harrowing needs on the farm. The most attractive feature of this agricultural accessory is their ability to break soil clods to bring about a fine tilth for nursery and seedbed establishment. Other features of these farm accessories are as indicated below.


Most of these agricultural machine parts come in a wide range. There are disc harrows, tine harrows, and chain harrows. With advancements in technology, these farm equipment parts have evolved from being pulled by oxen and other animals, to being towed onto tractors. This helps to save energy and increase their efficiency.


In addition to breaking the soil clods, these farm machinery parts can also be utilized for other uses on the farm. For instance, they can be used to thoroughly mix the soil after the broadcast application of fertilizers and cover up the soil after planting of the seeds. They can also be used to destroy plant debris and weeds in the farm in preparation for planting activities.

Easily available spares

Many farm equipment parts wholesalers can offer these agricultural spare parts and accessories at affordable prices. There is also a wide range of agricultural machinery accessories you can choose from depending on your preference and specific needs.

Besides the features indicated above, the Heavy-Duty Disc Harrow is generally durable. However, besides the initial quality of the parts for agricultural machinery at the time of purchase, other factors determine their durability. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning of the components are but a few tips to ensure longevity.

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