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High Cutting Height Mower | YTO

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Model 9GX-1.5A 9GX-1.8A 9GX-2.1A
Cutting width (m) 1.5 1.8 2.1
Cutting height (cm) 20-50 20-50 20-50
Total weight (kg) 380 490 550
Matched power (hp) 40-60 60-80 70-90
Linkage Three-point suspension

High Cutting Height Mower | YTO

Mowers are the most commonly overlooked agricultural accessories. This is mostly because of their simple nature and the fact that they cannot be used for extensive agricultural activities. However, these farm accessories are useful in lawn maintenance, and they can also be used to clear virgin land for plant nursery establishment. The most outstanding feature of these agricultural machine parts is that they require one to walk behind it while mowing. This may appear to be a simple and irrelevant design, but it goes a long way to ensure the safety of the operator. Additional attractive features of the High Cutting Height Mower are included below.


The High Cutting Height Mower YTO weight ranges from 380-550Kg, which is relatively easy to push around. These agricultural machinery accessories also have a relatively high cutting height of 20-50mm. This ensures a uniform lawn table that is both beautiful and easy to manage. The power requirements also range from 40-90HP depending on the particular type you buy.

Superior design

The High Cutting Height Mower YTO is designed in a way that allows for side discharge, a rear bag for collecting extra trash and debris, and a mulching mechanism. This way, there is little plant material left on the lawn after mowing. It also ensures that the lawn is not excessively cleaned so that the grass and plants are exposed to direct sunlight. It is also be designed so that the height is suitable for use by people with diverse height requirements.

Sturdy wheels

The wheels of these agricultural parts and accessories are made to withstand all weather conditions. This makes them very convenient, and they, therefore, do not get ruined by exposure to weather and climatic conditions. The wheels are also of significant size so that they can be effective on most terrains.


The High Cutting Height Mower is relatively easy to maintain, however since most of these farm machinery parts are made of steel and corrodible material, it is essential to regularly clean and oil them to minimize the effect of wear and tear.

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