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50 Ton lift capacity Rough-terrain Crane - RT50 | XCMG
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    Item Specification Unit
    Measurements Parameters
    Length of Entire Vehicle 12032 mm
    Width of Entire Vehicle 2980 mm
    Height of Entire Vehicle 3530 mm
    Wheel Base 3741 mm
    Wheel Track 2330 mm
    Weight Parameters
    Gross Vehicle Weight When Driving 38565 kg
    Axle Load (Front Axle)18703 (Rear Axle)19862 kg
    Kinetic Paremeter
    Engine Type QSB6.7 -
    Engine Rated Power 149 kw/(r/min)
    Engine Max Torque 740 N.m/(r/min)
    Driving Parameters
    Max Travel Speed 37 km/h
    Min Travel Speed 2 km/h
    Min Turning Radius 11.4 m
    Head Min. Turning Diameter - m
    Max Gradeability 55 %
    Min. Ground Clearance of Machine 460 mm
    Approach Angle 25.8 °
    Departure Angle 21.8 °
    Braking Distance 9 m
    Fuel Consumption per 100kms - L
    Major Performance Parameters
    Max. Rated Lifting Capacity 50 t
    Min. Rated Range 3 m
    Max. Load Moment of Basic Jib 1690 kN·m
    Radius of Gyration of Turntable Tail 4090 mm
    Longitudinal 7 m
    Horizontal 7/5.6 m
    Max. Lifting Height
    Basic Boom 9.9 m
    Longest Main Boom 37.9 m
    Longest Main Boom + Auxiliary Boom 53 m
    Boom Length of Crane
    Basic Boom 10.3 m
    Longest Main Boom 38.2 m
    Longest Main Boom + Auxiliary Boom 55.2 -
    Longest Main Boom + Auxiliary Boom + Extension - -
    Working Speed
    Max. Slewing Speed 2 r/min
    Lifting Speed
    Main Hoisting Mechanism 130(Unload) m/min
    Auxiliary Hoisting Mechanism 130(Unload) m/min
    Stretching and Retracting Time of Crane Boom
    Full Stretching 140 s
    Full Retracting - -
    Luffing Time
    Full Travel Boom Lifting 70 s
    Full Travel Boom Lowering - s
    Outrigger Extension and Retract Horizontal
    Stretching at the Same Time 40 s
    Retracting at the Same Time 30 s
    Outrigger Extension and Retract Vertical
    Stretching at the Same Time 55 -
    Retracting at the Same Time 40 -

    50 Ton Rough Terrain Crane RT50 | XCMG

    The 50 Ton Rough Terrain Crane RT50 is a XCMG series rough terrain crane is intended for lifting operations in oilfields, mines, roads, bridge construction, and other operations. The RT50 uses a US Cummins engine efficient for off-road use, and compliant with European-III emission standards. This XCMG vehicle improves upon energy conservation technology, safety, power, efficiency, and other factors to make day-to-day operations smooth and cost efficient.

    Rough Terrain Crane Mobility and Efficiency

    XCMG’s new RT50 model rough terrain crane uses variable drive systems, both 4 x 2 and 4 x 4, with forward and backward driving functions depending on the environment. Due to the smaller turning radius, all-wheel drive system and off-road technology, the rough terrain truck is highly adaptable.

    RT50 Rough Terrain Crane Environmental Benefits

    The new rough terrain crane sold by XCMG adopts a specialized energy-saving hydraulic system. This includes a torque converter with lockout functions that provide more torque and low speed and higher efficiency at high speed. Another energy efficient design used is the freefall elevated control system that does not require additional power to function.

    Rough Terrain Crane Safety, Reliability, and Quality

    XCMG’s RT50 rough terrain crane incorporates the following to ensure safety, reliability, and quality:

    • Safety standards conforming to European, North American, and Chinese standards
    • Traveling safety protection system which automatically detects abnormal information, provides automatic warnings, and speed-limiting and braking technology
    • 70 years of boom crane design experience
    • First class NC and plate machining center to produce parts
    • Strict process and robot welded quality parts

    RT50 Rough Terrain Crane Lifting Capacity

    The RT50 model rough terrain crane is co-developed and engineered by Chinese and German engineers with advanced knowledge in design and rough terrain crane construction. This vehicle uses a telescoping single-cylinder rope system to provide the most stable and reliable control.

    Load Moment Limiter of the Rough Terrain Crane

    This rough terrain crane utilizes a Hirschmann force limiter system adopted from advanced micro processing technology. The RT50 benefits from lower power consumption, increased functionality, and user-friendly controls. Together with the large-screen LCD display containing all important vehicle information and details make for a highly organized and functional interior for operators.

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