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Magnetic Separator | OEM

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Model Shell diameter
Shell lenght
Shell rotation
Feeding size
Processing capacoty
CTB6012 600 1200 <35 2-0 10-20 1.5
CTB7518 750 1800 <35 2-0 20-45 2.2
CTB9024 900 2400 <28 3-0 45-70 4
CTB1024 1050 2400 <20 3-0 60-120 5.5
CTB1230 1200 3000 <18 3-0 100-180 7.5
CTB1530 1500 3000 <14 3-0 170-280 11

Magnetic Separator | OEM

As the name suggests, the Magnetic Separators are machines that are used to remove all iron materials and particles from products. In most cases, they are used in labor-intensive industries where there are strict demands for produce void of all iron traces. All the iron particles and granules are extracted from the material using electromagnets. The material being produced is made to pass on a conveyer belt that is fitted with the electromagnets between the straps. This way, all the material passes within the magnetic field of the magnets, and all iron particles stick onto it and are discharged separately from the product being produced. Other features of these magnetic separator machines are listed below.


The Magnetic Separator | OEM are very efficient in their processing capacity. The smaller models, for instance, have a processing capacity of 10-20tones per hour while the larger ones have a processing capacity of170-280tones per hour. The magnetic separators are also referred to as shaker tables. This is because they are mostly used for magnetic separation in mineral processing firms and activities. They are also referred to as mining shaker tables for the same reason.

Ease of use

These magnetic separation equipment are relatively more comfortable to use than others in the market. This is because they are designed with a door that makes inspection easier and even maintenance management practices. Also, they are designed with adjustable position and location of the magnets on the conveyor belts. This helps to increase the efficiency of the magnets by increasing their magnetic field. The inlet is also designed with a diverter whose function is to direct the flow of the product over the magnets smoothly.


The magnets used in these Magnetic Separators are permanent and easy to install. They can also be installed without disrupting the operating lines, and they are generally hardy, which makes it easy for them to resist damage. The weight of the magnets is also significantly lighter than most other magnets on sale today.

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