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MBS Type Rod Mill | OEM

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Technical parameters of SC series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher:

Model Shell Specification - Diameter (mm??? Shell Specification - Length (mm??? Shell rotation speed (r/min) Feeding size (mm??? Discharging size (mm??? Processing capacity???t/h??? Power (Kw??? Total weight (t???
MBS0918 900 1800 36-38 ???25 0.833-0.147 0.62-3.2 18.5 5.9
MBS1224 1200 2400 36 ???25 0.833-0.147 1.1-4.9 30 13.9
MBS1530 1500 3000 29.7 ???25 0.833-0.147 2.4-7.5 75 19.8
MBS1830 1830 3000 25.4 ???25 0.833-0.147 4.8-11.6 130 34.9
MBS2130 2100 3000 23.7 ???25 0.833-0.147 14-35 155 46.5
MBS2740 2700 4000 20.7 ???50 0.833-0.147 32-92 400 95
MBS3245 3200 4500 18 ???50 0.833-0.147 64-180 630 149

MBS Type Rod Mill | OEM

The difference between this MBS Type Rod Mill | OEM and Ball Mill | OEM is that the former uses a rod as a grinding material while the later uses a ball as the grinding material. However, what is common in both is that the grinding equipment is made of steel, and they can both grind metallic and non-metallic mediums. In most cases, the dominant feature of the MBS Type Rod Mill is that it makes sand, hence the common name, sand making machine. Other features of the MBS Type Rod Mill are listed below:

It helps to save energy

There is a wide range of rod mills available (MBS0918, MBS1224, MBS1530, MBS1830, MBS2130, MBS2740 and MBS 3245), but all of them have an energy requirement ranging between 18.5-630Kw. In addition to this, the grinding medium is always in contact with the material being ground. This dramatically helps to increase the crushing effect and efficiency, thus helping to save time and energy used. Most rod mills today and other beneficiation equipment in the past did not have this feature which made grinding a generally expensive exercise.


The MBS Type Rod Mill has a built-in control that enables the operator to adjust the size of discharge produced by the mill. In most cases, all mills produce the same volume of discharge depending on the material being ground. For instance, this rod mill produces discharge size of between 0.833-0.147mm. In addition to the control feature, it is also fitted with a device that screens the materials being round so that over-grinding does not occur and that unwanted substances are not ground.


The MBS Type Rod Mill produces particles that are not only uniform in size, but the particles are also highly pulverized. The mills can produce different rates of ground material depending on the model of the mill. For instance, the smaller models can produce 0.62-3.2tones per hour while the large ones can produce 64.180tones per hour.

In addition to agricultural processes, the rod mills can also be used as magnetic separation equipment of rare metal ores and tin ores to avoid over-grinding. Thus, rod mills are also referred to as magnetic separation machines, and the magnetic separator price varies depending on the model.

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