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Potato Harvester | YTO

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Model 4UD-2
Overall weight (kg) 420
Working width (m) 1.3-1.5
Matched power (hp) 50
Linkage Three-point suspension

Potato Harvester | YTO

The peak of potato farming is the harvesting season. Rightly so, farmers need top-notch agricultural accessories to make the harvesting easier. The Potato Harvester | YTO comes in handy when this important season comes. Not only can this farm accessory harvest, but it can also be vital in soil cleaning and digging. As farmers look for agricultural parts and accessories to reduce human labor, there is no doubt that the Potato Harvester | YTO should be on the top list. Some of the key features of this harvester are analyzed below:

Easy movement

Smooth movement is a crucial feature for modern agricultural accessories. For this harvester, the wheelbase is standard with a width that allows easy movement. This supports easy movement and traction in any type of soil, including muddy conditions. In addition, the overall weight of the machine is 420kgs. Whether being towed or pulled, the harvester is still one of the lightest agricultural machinery accessories that boast of excellent mobility.

Improved features

One of the notable features that make the Potato Harvester | YTO more efficient is the working width of 1.3-1.5 meters. Depending on the rows you planted, there is good operation even on hilly or muddy environment. On the other hand, the conveyor band of this farm equipment for sale consists of sturdy rods. The band is further reinforced by bearings and rubber rollers that ease its ability to harvest faster.

Vibrating sieves are also an essential inclusion in this farm accessory. The potatoes harvested can be separated from the earth and come out clean. Other noteworthy features include the 50hp power and a three-point suspension that contributes to its stability.

As you look for agricultural parts and accessories, the Potato Harvester | YTO will be crucial if you are a potato farmer. It has what it takes to pick delicate and small potatoes irrespective of the depth.

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