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Potato Planter | YTO

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Model 2CM-2
Overall weight (kg) 200
Row spacing (cm) 50-80
Planting distance (cm) 25-33
Matched power Hp 25-35
Linkage Three-point suspension

Potato Planter | YTO

Planting potato seeds can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when done manually. Nonetheless, the emergence of the Potato Planter YTO agricultural accessory has come in handy for farmers who want to embrace technology in a bid to simplify potato planting. The Potato Planter YTO comes with exciting features to enable easy and fast planting of potato tubers. This farm implement has what it takes to plant whole tubers or cuttings in rows. To sum it up, below are apparent reasons why this farm accessory is an excellent investment for today???s farmers.

Strong and sturdy

Durability is one of the critical aspects of a good planter. Unlike other planters that are made of wood, the Potato Planter YTO has been manufactured using metal to improve its durability as well as strength. The strong frame gives it the sturdiness it needs during the plantation process. The interior lining, the base as well as the side door are all made of durable metal. The three-point suspension is also another advantage that gives this planter the much-needed strength.


The overall weight of this planter is 200kg. This is an important feature that facilitates easy movement. Lest you forget, the metal used is light so that transportation from one place to another becomes easy. Lightweight characteristic is a significant feature for modern farm accessories.

Latest technology

As usual, technology is a significant aspect when it comes to the manufacture of planting equipment. The Potato Planter YTO has implemented the latest technology. More importantly, its rotary ridging capabilities help to make the soil finer for better planting. No matter your agricultural requirement, the working performance of this machine will cover all. Its horsepower of 25-35 brings more control and efficiency. In short, the latest technology brings out better mobility, good layout, and efficiency.

With all these features, there is no doubt that the Potato Planter YTO is among the necessary agricultural accessory machinery that can take care of today???s farmers??? needs. The efficiency and simplicity brings the cost of planting down and the time taken to be shorter. As long as the correct spacing is observed, up to half a hectare of land can be covered within a day.

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