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Reversible Plow | YTO

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Model 1LF-330 1LF-430 1LF-530 1LF-535
Working width (mm) 900 1200 1500 1750
Working depth (mm) 220~270
Number of furrows 6 8 10 10
Total weight (kg) 580 750 950 1000
Matched power (hp) 50 70 80 90
Linkage Three-point suspension II type ,hydraulic output (difunctional oil cylinder), oil connection in 1/2??? thread
The items selectable (M22*1.5/M20*1.5/M18*1.5) oil connection selectable

Reversible Plow | YTO

The Reversible Plow is a unique agriculture plowing machine that directly mounts to the tractor at the three-point hitch. This primary land preparation implement operates on hydraulics. These farm plows for sale are particularly useful in hardened and dry soil conditions, hence helping you reclaim land you previously could not till.

If you have land with heavy crop residual, use this automatic plowing machine under heavy-duty clearance mode. Besides that, one of the most compelling features with this deep plowing equipment is that it works on both the left and right sides. This position automatically reverses during plowing, to save time and diesel consumption.

Since the YTO field plowing machine can cater to the toughest plowing jobs and deliver outstanding soil penetration, it is recommended for large pieces of land. Its underframe gives a perfect unit-to-unit clearance to handle trashy land conditions, or in areas with high soil scouring.

Perfectly aligned plow beams with a sturdy frame construction carry the moldboard bottom. Therefore, the moldboard maintains a mirror finish throughout to yield well turn furrows. Besides, these farm plows for sale have premium-grade wear-resistant steel bottoms carrying bar points to make easy of tough plowing tasks. The bar points are essential for ensuring longevity of the reversible plow. This is because you can extend or reverse and re-use to the least feasible length.

Camamach unveils four top of the range reversible plows including the 1LF-330, 1LF-430, 1LF-530, and the 1LF-535. They have working widths of 900, 1200, 1500, and 1750 mm respectively. The working depth for all the four reversible plows can range from 220mm to 270mm.

Based on total furrows, the 1LF-330 has six furrows, 1LF-430 with eight furrows, while both the 1LF-530 and the 1LF-535 models having ten furrows each. For linkage, all the models use a three-point suspension II hydraulic output.

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