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SANY SPS12500 Truck Mounted Crane | 5-Ton Boom Truck
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Max. lifting capacity 5 t
Overall length 11560 mm
Overall width 2500 mm
Overall height 3728 mm
Axles 2
Axle distance-1,2 5600 mm
Overall weight 20500 kg
Front axle load 7500 Kg
Rear axle load 13000 Kg
Model WeiChai
Rated power 213kw/2200rpm
Rated torque 1160N.m/1200-1600rpm
Emission standard Euro III
Max. traveling speed 92 km/h
Approach angle 200
Departure angle 130
Max. gradeability 30 %
Main Performance
Rated lifting moment 12.5mt
Rated lifting capacity 5000kg(2.3m)
Max.outreach 11.6m
Max.lines of hook 4
Slewing angle(continuous) continuous
Boom raising angle 0~750
Max.lifting height(the measurement from the ground after the outriggers fully extended) 13.6 m
Length of the basic boom 4.2 m
Length of fully extended boom 11.9 m
Boom sections 4
Outrigger span (fully extended) 5.1 m
Recommended volum for the system 55L/min
Operating pressure 23/25Mpa
Oil tank capacity 100 L
Crane moment (dynamic) 168.6kNm (17.2mt)
Torsional moment (dynamic) 13.1kNm (1.3mt)
HVAC in low cab Cooling / Heating

The parameters are for reference only, please contact your sales representative for details.


5-ton Lift Capacity Truck-mounted crane with Telescopic Boom-SPS12500/SHACMAN chassis | SANY

Camamach is the leading distributor of equipment and machinery. Our products vary from company to company, being that we source from not only leading global companies but also small companies and individuals. Among the products we specialize in are small truck-mounted cranes such as the 5-ton Lift Capacity Truck-mounted crane with Telescopic Boom-SPS12500/SHACMAN chassis | SANY. Features of this mounted crane truck that make it one of the best in the market include:

High tensile strength

This specific truck-mounted crane has high tensile strength extension booms to optimize the lifting height and the working range. It is the best lift-to-weight ratio in the industry. It is fitted with a wide outrigger span that ensures the best stability in all mounting situations. The standard package for the mounted crane track includes two working lights to ensure safe operation, day and night.

Competency and cost-effective

The 5-ton Lift Capacity Truck-mounted crane is equipped with an integrated oil reservoir for a quick, simple, and cost-efficient installation. It is also equipped with a lower seat control that is optionally available for convenient crane operation. An overload protection system is also optionally available to ensure safe crane operation and a Safety Package as well.

The 5-ton lift capacity crane engine model is WeiChai of 213kw/2200rpm Rated Power, 1160N.m/1200-1600rpm Rated Torque and an Emission Standard of Euro III. This is one of the best engines in the world in terms of fuel efficiency and output.

High productivity

The overall weight of this truck-mounted crane is 20500 kg with a front axle load of 7500 kg and a rear axle load of 13000 kilograms. This makes the 5-ton Lift Capacity Truck-mounted crane a highly productive truck-mounted crane for sale.

This truck-mounted crane for sale is a product of SANY Palfinger whose products are of the highest quality according to European Quality Standards. This ensures the best reliability, performance, and safety in the industry.

Affordable quality spare parts for this Crane mounted truck for sale are also readily available in the market. Truck-mounted crane prices vary depending on the company sourced from, ton weight lift, and telescopic boom. Get the 5-ton Lift Capacity Truck-mounted crane, and many more small truck-mounted cranes at Camamach for all your lifting needs.

Why you should buy SANY SPS12500 Truck-mounted Crane?

The SANY SPS12500 Truck-mounted Crane is one of the most reliable Truck-mounted Crane available on the market for Construction projects. Because the Truck-mounted Crane is highly efficient, this machine is very commonly used on Construction sites. In addition, the Truck-mounted Crane is easy to maintain, which sets this Truck-mounted Crane to stand out from the other models! Lastly, because of YTO’s intensive research, the Truck-mounted Crane is very safe for the operator, making the SANY SPS12500 Truck-mounted Crane one of the best Lifting machinery you can buy!

  1. a fantastic machine by SANY review by Evelyn R. on 7/2/2021

    It works fine and is helpful for our company. We will buy the spare parts from your company for the maintenance.

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