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Seeder fertilizer | YTO

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Seeder fertilizer Parameters
Model Unit 2BXF-9 2BXF-12 2BXF-14 2BXF-16 2BXF-18 2BXF-24
Working depth mm 30-80
No., of seeding row 9 12 14 16 18 24
Row spacing mm 130-160
Matched power hp 18 25-35 40-50 50-60 60-70 80
Total weight kg 190 230 280 340 380 1100
Linkage Three-point suspension

The Seeder Fertilizer YTO

Parts for agricultural machinery have become very crucial in farming activities today. The planting method and techniques used hugely determine the health of the crops, the yield expected and the quality of yield that will be obtained. When one has a large farm, the use of agricultural accessories is essential to make work easier. One of the agricultural parts and accessories that can be used is the seeder fertilizer YTO. The main function of this equipment is that it plants seeds and applies fertilizer simultaneously.

Although every model (2BXF-9, 2BXF-12, 2BXF-14, 2BXF-16, 2BXF-18, and 2BXF-24) has a different number of seeding rows, matched power and total weight, all models have a working depth of 30-80mm, row spacing of 130-160mm and a three-point suspension. The suspension enables the seeder fertilizer YTO to be hitched to any 15-90hp tractor.

In addition to this, there are a few other features that make it suitable for use on the farm.


Just like most other agricultural machine parts, these farm accessories can be used to plant and fertilize many types of crops on the farm. However, the primary and key consideration for this is the spacing of the crops. The equipment can be used in planting crops that have roughly the same spacing.

Makes work easier

In addition to planting and applying fertilizer, these farm machinery parts also spread the fertilizer and suppress the soil after planting. This makes work significantly easier since there is no need for extra labor to perform these functions as with the use of other equipment.

It is more efficient

As previously mentioned, the use of this equipment ensures even application of fertilizers, level planting table and also reduces wastage of seeds. Due to the precise planting rate, the amount of thinning to one plant required when the crops begin to grow is significantly reduced.

The seeder fertilizer is a product of farm equipment parts carefully put together to make the planting process easier. When you are looking for agricultural parts and machinery to plant your seeds, you should buy the seeder fertilizer YTO.

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